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A Cinderella Transformation Story Of A Badly Aged Deck And Stairway

After taking a glance at the “before” photo, need we say more?

This backyard deck in the Brookstone neighborhood of Macon, Georgia, needed more than a transformation. Due to the passage of many years of wear and weather, it needed to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. So our Archadeck of Central Georgia design and construction team went into action.

Before picture


After photo


If You’re Going To Start Over, Go With Low Maintenance Decking And Save Yourself Grueling Preservation Work Over The Years

While traditional lumber holds up great against the elements, it also comes with a lot of work - sanding, cleaning, staining, and sealing. Synthetic decking, on the other hand, offers the same level of protection without the annual upkeep.

With many homeowners beginning to explore alternatives to traditional deck materials, you may be wondering what are some of the benefits of choosing composite decking?

Maintenance: Synthetic decking performs well against all types of weather conditions. Not only will it stand the test of time, but it needs very little maintenance to keep up its original look. With synthetic decking, you do not have to paint, stain, or seal it. These materials are also resistant to warping, rotting, weathering, and other problems associated with regular wood decks.

Performance: If not maintained diligently on an annual basis, wood decks can quickly deteriorate, especially after cold winters, hot summers, and rainy springs. Fortunately, not only do synthetic and composite materials hold up great against a range of temperatures and seasons, but they do not fade or warp as a result of hostile conditions. With these manufactured decking choices, you can rest assured that your deck will have a long life without all the hassle of traditional lumber.

Macon GA Timbertech Deck

Durability: When it comes to standing the test of time, low-maintenance decking has a much longer lifespan than traditional wood decks. While a regular wood deck will be up for a replacement in about 10 years, composite decking can last much longer - some warranties allow up to 25 years - because of its composition and ability to withstand weather conditions.

Deck Safety Is Of Primary Importance To Us, So Much So That We’ve Been Featured In Local News On The Subject

Known for our continuing commitment on promoting deck safety, as many as 10 years ago, we pioneered that messaging on our local NBC Network television affiliate WMGT.

If you have an older deck or if you inherited a deck of suspect quality, ensuring your deck’s safety requires attention. We pride ourselves on being outdoor living structure experts and part of that expertise is passing on tips and suggestions to homeowners to help ensure their deck is safe. Here are some helpful details that are crucial to ensure your deck is sound.

Homeowners can routinely perform these inspections; however, it is recommended that your professional deck builder be contacted at least annually to conduct a thorough professional deck inspection.

The first facet to consider when checking your deck for structural stability and safety are the decking boards. Inspect the condition of your deck boards periodically to make sure they are sound.

Most wooden decks will show some number of normal splits and cracks over time, but in essence the decking boards should not show signs of splintering or rot. These indicate the deck may be a safety hazard.

Another area of your deck that is important to inspect are the connections. A properly built deck should be built using a variety of metal fasteners and hardware to create a stable and continuous path for safety and stability. Make sure the appropriate fasteners and connectors are present. Also, check the condition of the hardware itself for rust, breaks or weakness. If any of these are present, it is imperative to have the hardware replaced properly.

This Low Maintenance Deck Replacement In The Brookstone Neighborhood Of Macon, GA, Is A Great Example Of Better Decking Material Choices

Needing to start over, our team tore down the compromised wood deck structure; and we started back at the beginning.

In our professional opinion, based on the performance and aesthetics our homeowner client was looking for, we used composite Coconut Husk by TimberTech from their Prime+ Collection with black square metal pickets.

brookstone deck

We kept the same deck footprint but that was it. Everything else was brand new and brought up structurally to code. The difference? It now looks 300% better.

Professional Building Is The Most Significant Difference Here

Archadeck of Central Georgia is the professional deck and porch contractor you can trust.

Better building by design is our credo, one that we aspire to live up to every day. In addition to the flawless deck, porch, and patio design and execution, we pride ourselves on knowing how perfect your outdoor space will be before we first break ground.

Please accept our invitation to meet us by scheduling your complimentary design consultation. You can reach us at 478-241-8406 – or even easier, you can click right here.

John Haugabook of Archadeck of Central GA

John Haugabook of Archadeck of Central GA