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Backyard Deck Replacement In Macon, GA Adds Function, Beauty And Safety

When we first arrived on the scene for our complimentary design consultation for this backyard outdoor living space, this was the existing deck.



When we inspected the bowing foundation and noticed how severely the deck rail and aged wood balusters were way beyond repair, it conjured up the nursery rhyme by Mother Goose:

“There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,

He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile.

He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,

And they all lived together in a little crooked house.”

Thankfully for all concerned, the house was not crooked. But the outside of it was quite a different story.

How To Remedy An Old Deck That No Longer Can Be Being Used Based On Its Condition And Lack Of Safety

For this deck replacement, considering the layout of the backyard, it was decided to keep the same footprint of the old deck, but that was about it. Everything else had to go.

pressure treated wooden deck


In keeping with the beautiful canvas of nature throughout and surrounding the backyard vista, it only seemed logical to replace the old deck with wood – pressure-treated lumber.

When using natural deck-building materials, pressure-treated wood performs well in withstanding scratches, dents, and general wear and tear much better than most types of wood. With its impressive strength, you can rest assured that your deck will last for decades.

When It Comes To Deck Replacing An Old Deck, Wood Is A Good Affordable Option For Improving Your Outdoor Space And Making Sure It Is Safe

If you’re working with a tight budget, building a new pressure-treated wood deck replacement is a smart choice over using composite or synthetic PVC deck materials. Among natural wood options, pressure-treated wood is more affordable than redwood, cedar, and most types of lumber. It’s also highly durable, so you’re less likely to spend on costly repairs in the long run, as long as you are mindful of maintaining it properly.

Wooden Deck

When it comes to deck safety and versatility, pressure-treated wood is easily customizable and easy to work with. It can be painted or stained to match your home’s color palette.

For protection from the elements, during the pressure treatment process, the wood is infused and penetrated with preservatives containing effective anti-fungal and anti-insect properties. Unlike regular sealing and coating, pressure treatment provides superior protection from the inside out.

A New Deck Totally Changes The Look, Feel, And Functionality Of A Backyard Outdoor Living Space

From end to end, this new wood deck replacement is a beautiful sight to behold. With its clean linear lines, and solid foundation support, this deck will provide many years of outdoor living comfort for the family and their guests.

wooden deck

On both levels, the placement of diagonal wood decking boards adds a delicate and subtle elegance to the structure. To protect the new deck area periphery, and to define its characteristics, we used strong and sturdy black aluminum balusters topped with a pressure-treated pine railing.

wooden deck

The wider depth of the new deck railing provides a second benefit in addition to safety. It allows folks to comfortably place a beverage on it as they enjoy casual conversation when refreshments are involved. We call this feature a drink rail, as the name implies.

How Do I Replace An Old Deck?

This is a good question. Instead of flying blind when looking for an affordable, well-constructed deck replacement solution, go with the Macon deck expert professionals at Archadeck.

With decades of invaluable experience under their toolbelts, our team will provide the insight and guidance required to ensure that your new deck design and material choices will serve you well for years to come.

The good news is that it’s easy to start that process with a complimentary design consultation. You can phone us at 478-241-8406 – or even easier – just click this link to schedule it. It’s that easy to connect with us.

John Haugabook, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

John Haugabook, owner Archadeck of Central GA.