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Switching out wood for stone and Eze-Breeze windows for screen remade this entire Macon GA porch and deck

These Macon GA homeowners called us and wanted a couple updates on their porch and deck. They knew specifically what they wanted to fix and needed some of our help not only in fixing it but in making recommendations on how to best fix those problems.

Here was the list:

  • replace the screen windows with Eze-Breeze windows to increase the length of time throughout the year they could use their screened porch
  • create a beautiful upscale facade for their existing porch outdoor fireplace
  • fix the flooring problem on the screened porch that was allowing bugs to enter the porch
  • make the deck more low maintenance


Upgrading the Macon screened porch to an Eze-Breeze screened porch

If you’re looking to get a lot more life out of your screened porch, upgrading the windows to Eze-Breeze windows is a great way to go. The Eze-Breeze window system is a 4-track vinyl window system that allows you to fully close each window or to open each window up to 75%. And, you can open the windows either from the top or from the bottom. If your mind’s eye brings up a picture of murky vinyl or cheap looking windows, thing again.

Custom Eze breeze screened porch with seating area

Taking a look at this picture, you’d think you were looking at a Macon sunroom. The windows are clear, super strong, easy to clean, and custom. On this porch, the windows start low to the ground and extend 6 feet up for a wonderfully bright and airy feel on this porch.

Upgrading the facade on the outdoor fireplace was a fun project. They already had the outdoor fireplace but it had a very plain facade and did not have a mantle. We faced the entire facade with stone and added a beautiful mantle. Looking at the before and after, you’ll hardly believe it’s the same fireplace.

Stone fireplace on screened porch

Stone fireplace on screened porch

Fixing the porch floor

Although it can’t be seen in any picture, porches may have screening to keep flying creatures out but there’s nothing stopping crawling bugs from going through the floor boards and entering your porch. This is why we add screening beneath porch floor boards to keep any crawling bugs from making your porch their home. There is a right way and a wrong way to screen under decking boards to protect from bugs. The screening needs to abut the boards themselves. The former builder had added screening underneath the joists which was a method that did not keep the crawlers out of the porch. Not only did we remove the screening from under the joists but we also added new tongue and groove pressure treated plywood to the floor. Take a look – it’s stunning!

Last but not least was making this Macon deck more low maintenance. We replaced the floor boards with Fiberon Paramount deck and white aluminum pickets. This family won’t need to do any more painting, staining or sealing for their deck and porch that are like new with these updates.

Wood deck details and couch

Screened porch overlooking water

If you’re considering adding a new outdoor space to your Macon, Warner Robins or Central GA area home, give us a call for a free consultation. If you have a space like this one that just needs a few replacements or upgrades, we are happy to help you identify the best upgrades to make your space like new. Give us a ring at (478) 241-8406. We look forward to your call!

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