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Peek Inside this Centerville GA Screened Porch Conversion – and More

Ever had a room where the door was in an awkward place? Ever had a deck or porch with stairs that led to the wrong side of the yard? What you can see in the project featured here is that Archadeck of Central GA doesn’t just design and build outdoor living structures, we also remodel them. We take what’s wrong and make it right!

Archadeck of Central GA transforms a covered porch to a rocking chair relaxing screened porch!

Our Centerville GA clients had a covered deck, which could also be called a porch, at the back of their home. They were ready to have it screened in for protection from pesky insects. Because the deck already had a roof, converting it to a screened porch would be easier—and less expensive—than converting the typical open deck. We didn’t have to worry about whether the screened-in deck could support the weight of a roof. It was already supporting the weight of a roof. Adding a screening system to this covered porch would be easy.

Existing covered deck (porch), before Archadeck began the project.

In our design consultation with these homeowners, we learned they were unhappy with the layout of the doors to this porch. The door leading from the porch to the yard was in an odd place, especially in relation to the porch’s other door leading into the home. These two doors were at opposite ends of the porch. When anyone wanted to walk from the house out to the back yard, they had to cross the length of the porch to get there. It may not sound like a big deal, but it was inconvenient, and it made no sense.

The porch had been poorly designed with no thought given to traffic flow. The homeowners wanted us to move the door leading from porch to yard over to the other side of the porch. They wanted to be able to step from house to porch to yard (via a landing and stairs) more efficiently. Moving the porch door also meant repositioning the landing and stairs.

Screened Porch Designer Archadeck of Central GA

Because Archadeck of Central Georgia has designed and built so many Macon screened porches, we could see how to improve this porch design. The porch itself was only 8’ wide—so small it could only hold a couple of chairs but no table. Traffic flow made it unusable because people had to walk around those chairs to get outside. Repositioning the door would help to resolve that issue. But there was another problem.

Before – the porch floor was not positioned correctly atop the brick columns.

The brick columns supporting the porch floor were not positioned squarely underneath it. The columns were spaced farther apart so the width of the porch didn’t reach all the way across the space defined by the columns. Again, it was a poorly designed porch and just didn’t make sense. Our remedy was to extend the porch floor by 3” on either side to ensure the columns were squarely beneath the porch. Not only do the clients now have more usable space on their screened porch, the porch is more structurally sound than it was before.

A Happy Ending to this Centerville GA Porch Story

Along with adding screens, Archadeck of Central GA redesigned and remodeled the porch to better suit the needs and desires of the client. We removed the original landing and stairs from the right side of the porch. We built the new landing and stairs on the left side for more efficient house-to-yard access. With improved traffic flow, the clients now have more usable space on the porch. Not only does the porch now have screens, it’s also more functional.

Revamped and remodeled porch to screened porch conversion in Centerville, GA.

For their new porch floor, the homeowners selected low-maintenance Fiberon Good Life decking in the “Bungalow” color. We also used the Fiberon decking on the stair landing, treads and rail cap where its low-maintenance qualities will be most useful. For the screens we used a high-quality aluminum screening system. This aluminum screened porch system is reliably sound and is a more economical solution than a standard screened porch design.

We used low-maintenance Fiberon Good Life decking for this project.

And Now, a Word from our Client!

Here is the 5-Star Review this homeowner posted on Google after we completed the project:

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Stephen the owner and his crew did an amazing job on our deck/screened porch. All though the wait time for the project is quite long, It was well worth the wait. Over all project took about 7 working days to complete. They are very serious about keeping their worksite clean and tools organized and not thrown everywhere in your yard. The crew of 2 showed up everyday at the same time. On time!!!! Great communication with Stephen throughout the project. Once completed he would walk around with you and inspect the quality and craftsmanship of the project. He wants to know every detail and concern you have about the work. We pointed out little things that needed to be touched up and small holes in screen that needed to be replaced. Without question he told us the crew would be back first thing to fix the issues. After they had been addressed he came back a second time to make sure we were fully satisfied. The company in whole is absolutely top notch and professional and would highly recommended their services for any outdoor project in the future! I will say one final thing. If you are thinking about saving money and going with a cheaper option let me tell you that the quality of this deck speaks for its self!

T. Stout

Centerville, GA

Is it time for a new deck or screened porch at your Macon or Warner Robins area home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling (478) 241-8406 or email us at