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The Benefits of Having a Pergola Integrated into Your Custom Deck Design

Custom wood pergola details

At Archadeck of Central Georgia we’ve seen many clients add a pergola to their deck as an afterthought. For maximum style, convenience and enjoyment, we recommend incorporating your pergola into your custom deck design. When it comes to custom deck and pergola and pergola designs, the entire project is most cohesive when the two components are designed together.

Custom wood pergola

With the increasing popularity of pergolas, more homeowners are remembering to ask about pergolas during the design phase of their outdoor living projects. It helps us if we know from the beginning that you’re interested in having a pergola as part of your deck design.

Adding a Custom Deck and Pergola Together Just Makes Sense!

Custom wood pergola

Archadeck of Central Georgia has designed beautiful decks, and we’ve designed beautiful pergolas. Why not have both? Save yourself the time and trouble of going through the construction process twice. While we work hard to minimize the disruption an outdoor construction project may cause at your home, there will be some noise and dust. When we build two components of a project together, you’ll see less of us!

Custom wood pergola on patio

When we design these two components for one outdoor space, it’s easy to select deck and pergola materials to match or complement each other. Whether you select a wood deck or a low-maintenance composite deck, we can build your pergola with wood or low-maintenance materials, too. If you’ve had a wood deck and are ready for the low-maintenance lifestyle, it makes sense to have a low-maintenance pergola!

The Appeal of a Custom Deck with a Pergola

What is it that makes pergolas so intriguing when added to your deck project, anyway? Some say they’re like a secret spice, a secret ingredient that weaves a spell. Not invisible, obviously, because you can see them, but perhaps their effect is subliminal. We’re just drawn to a deck with a pergola.

Custom wood pergola and white fence
Custom pergola and privacy deck