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Deck to Porch Conversion in Bonaire Provides Cool Comfort on Hot Summer Days!

Our most recent project in Bonaire, GA, is proof positive that when you do great work on a deck addition, that client will come back to you when they need more…

Bonaire GA deck to screened porch conversions.

Being the finest TimberTech deck builder in these parts, Archadeck of Central Georgia recently had a nice surprise.

This Bonaire client of Archadeck of Central GA asked us to design and build a custom low-maintenance deck a few years ago. Their previous deck was becoming structurally unsound at that time, so they hired Archadeck to solve that problem.

Bonaire GA deck to screened porch conversions.

Existing TimberTech low-maintenance deck before the conversion.

And while we were at it, the client asked us to expand the footprint of the deck by two feet as the old ten-foot one no longer provided ample space to enjoy outdoor living activities.

Completed in 2019, we built a beautiful TimberTech deck for this Bonaire family, in Caribbean Redwood, a great complementary finish to their home’s exterior masonry.

To protect their family and friends while using the deck, we added a custom pressure-treated wood railing with decorative black metal pickets and topped the 6”x6” stair posts with black metal pyramid-shaped post caps. As a finishing accent, we used matching TimberTech top rail on the expanse of deck and stair railing.

As Time Goes By, Outdoor Living Needs Change

After a few seasons of outdoor living leisure and fun, one issue kept arising. As much as they loved the new deck, it faced southwest – and in the dead of summer, it simply was too hot out there.

Again – Archadeck of Central GA to the rescue! After meeting with the client again and hearing their concerns about the radiating summer heat, it was decided the best solution was to convert the deck to a screened porch.

Bonaire GA deck to screened porch conversions.

And, It has proved to be a wise one! The deck to porch conversion allows the family to enjoy the fresh air and cool breezes the seasons bring while protecting them from direct rays of the sun.

To achieve the end result, we had to create a continuous footing for the new structure, so we had to remove the decking we installed a few years ago per Houston County code and regulations.

After the new footing was set, the decking was re- installed along with new framework, from which point we built the screened porch walls and roof.

As good fortune would have it, the TimberTech decking we used back in 2018 was discontinued, but we actually had some leftover in our facility so we put it to good use.

Bonaire GA deck to screened porch conversions.

To compliment the new build, we used solid board skirting and created an interior cathedral ceiling with an open rafter design, adding a second ceiling fan for added fresh air circulation and comfort. The new fan was installed so that it and the existing fan can be controlled effortlessly from a single switch.

Bonaire GA deck to screened porch conversions.

So, now, the question for you is, are you ready to upgrade your backyard to fit your needs and comfort? Contact Archadeck of Central GA to get started today.

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.