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Revitalizing Outdoor Living With Archadeck Outdoor Living's Transformation On Lake Sinclair, Georgia

On Lake Sinclair, Georgia, a family found themselves facing a common yet daunting dilemma: their backyard deck, once a cherished space for gatherings and relaxation, had succumbed to wear and tear over the years.


The multi-level design, while initially appealing, had become a source of inconvenience, posing challenges in accessibility and comfort. Recognizing the need for a revitalized outdoor living space handcrafted from wood, Archadeck Outdoor Living stepped in to weave a new story of transformation and functionality for this family.

The project commenced with the meticulous removal of the existing deck, clearing the canvas for a fresh vision. Archadeck's team of experts, well-versed in the art of outdoor living design, embarked on crafting a solution that would not only address the previous deck's shortcomings but also elevate the family's outdoor experience to new heights.

An Age Old Deck Problem – The Rigors Of Time Passed

One of the primary challenges posed by the old deck was its multi-level structure, which fragmented the space and hindered seamless movement. To remedy this, Archadeck's approach was to create a fluid, one-level deck design. This strategic decision not only enhanced accessibility but also fostered a sense of cohesion and spaciousness within the outdoor area.


For durability and low maintenance, the expert deck team opted for pressure-treated wood for the new deck structure. This choice not only ensures longevity, but it also aligns with more reasonable renovation budgets. To further enhance both the aesthetic appeal and user safety, black metal pickets were incorporated, framing the deck with a sleek and modern touch.

The transformation extended beyond the main deck area to encompass the barbecue grill space, a vital component of outdoor entertaining. Here, Archadeck's attention to detail shone brightly as the barbecue grill area underwent a complete renovation, seamlessly integrating with the overall deck design. The result was a harmonious blend of functionality and style, tailored to meet the family's specific needs and preferences.

We also retained the heritage tree of the original deck design. Cutting out the area and compensating for future growth of the beloved tree.

The Archadeck Difference Using Pressure-Treated Wood

With all the talk about low-maintenance decking options you may feel like composite decking materials are the only options. This can’t be farther from the truth.

Wood is a great option for a couple of key reasons:

First, pressure-treated wood is a good bit more economical than low-maintenance composites. If you are considering a Brazilian hardwood such as Ipe or Garapa, unfortunately, those may be in the same general price range of using composite or PVC decking material.

However, just because wood is not in the same low-maintenance category as composites, that doesn’t mean its high maintenance. Your pressure treated wood deck will usually require maintenance only once every year.

Why Archadeck For This Deck Renovation?

At Archadeck, if you dream up your perfect outdoor space, we can build it. We will first design your new deck so that it perfectly fulfills what you’re looking for, and then our professional deck contractors will expertly construct it.

We can build and design decks as well as outdoor living combination spaces of all sizes and varieties, including everything from paver stone patios to multi-level wood decks and pergolas.

Backed by more than 40 years of acclaimed experience, our deck contractors are ready to bring your vision to life. We use premium quality materials and are dedicated to your absolute satisfaction. In short, here in Central GA, Archadeck is proud to be your local deck contractor.

Each member of our team is thoroughly trained, bonded, and licensed in their particular field. If you have an idea in mind, our deck designers would love to discuss it with you. You’ll be impressed with what we can create.

What Truly Sets Archadeck Apart Is Our Commitment To Personalized Service And Excellence In Craftsmanship

Every aspect of this new deck on Lake Sinclair, from its design conception to the final construction, was guided by a dedication to exceeding client expectations and creating outdoor spaces that inspire joy and connection.

The collaboration between Archadeck Outdoor Living and this family on Lake Sinclair, exemplifies the power of thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship in transforming outdoor living spaces. By seamlessly integrating functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, Archadeck not only revitalized a worn deck but also breathed new life into cherished moments of togetherness under the open skies.

Locally Owned And Operated Backed By A National Brand

Archadeck Outdoor Living has established national relationships with preferred material vendors and utilizes our Job Process Methodology that ensures your new structure is built well. By focusing on both design and quality, we make sure the finished result is exactly what you have in mind.

Discover the Archadeck Difference for yourself. It starts with a phone call to 478-241-8406 to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

You can also click this link right here to connect to our expert deck team.

John Haugabook, owner Archadeck of Central GA.