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A Well-Built And Expertly Designed Deck Is A Safer Deck!

As you would expect from America’s #1 deck builder, Archadeck of Central Georgia is a staunch advocate of deck safety.

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As we have said in local news media, the axiom is true – “Deck safety is no accident,” our credo since our founding back in 1980.

From The Ground Up, Deck Safety Is Our First Priority

When we first meet for your complimentary deck design consultation, as we carefully listen to your backyard deck wish list and desire for increased outdoor living functionality, we will be focused on being especially mindful of deck safety, at every moment and turn. Our decks are expertly designed and meticulously built to ensure a not only beautiful deck, but a safe one as well!

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If you have an older deck, or if you inherited a deck of suspect quality, ensuring your deck’s safety requires attention, especially now as we head into the warmer weather outdoor living season.

At Archadeck, we pride ourselves on being outdoor living deck structure experts; and part of that expertise is passing on tips and suggestions to homeowners to help ensure their deck is safe.

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Here are some helpful details that are crucial to ensure your deck is sound.

1. Start with a regular inspection. Inspect your deck annually or after severe weather conditions to identify any potential issues, such as loose or corroded fasteners, rotting wood, or cracked boards. A compromised deck surface or substructure can potentially be very dangerous, so be proactive in that regard.

2. Proper construction is of the utmost importance: Ensure that your deck was constructed correctly and meets local building codes. For example, make sure the foundation is solid and that the deck is securely attached to your house.

3. Two-part deck safety protocol – maintain and repair: Be sure to replace any deteriorated or damaged wood immediately. Check for any protruding nails or screws that could cause tripping hazards, and replace them with deck screws or hidden fasteners.

4. A sturdy, well-constructed railing system is crucial for deck safety. The height and spacing of the railing balusters should meet local codes, and the railing should be able to support weight and should not easily move when pressure is applied.

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5. Adequate deck lighting for the deck perimeter should clearly define the boundaries of your deck space after dark. Proper lighting on your deck can help prevent accidents and increase deck safety. At the very least, consider installing motion-activated lighting or solar-powered lights, being sure to avoid lights shining upward which can interfere with unobstructed sight lines. Both deck rail lighting and deck floor lighting should always illuminate downward.

6. Ensure that your deck furniture and accessories are stable and in good condition. Avoid overcrowding your deck with too many items which could present a walking hazard. Be sure that obstacle-free navigation is allowed.

7. Become a deck safety advocate and promoter. Educate your family and guests on deck safety, including how to use the stairs properly, avoid leaning against railings, and not overloading the deck.

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8. Check your deck’s railing to make sure it is secure. Make sure your pickets and balusters are secured safely and are no more than four inches apart. This can become a dangerous safety issue when the deck is elevated and the pickets and balusters are too far apart, especially for small children.

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9. Be sure that your deck’s foundation and footings are not sinking. This is a telltale sign that your deck has not been built with the appropriate load requirements. This causes improper shifts in weight supports, will cause the deck itself to sag, and can cause columns to separate from the beams.

Checking Your Deck Periodically To Ensure The Safety Of Those Enjoying The Deck Only Takes A Few Minutes, But A Deck Accident Can Cost You A Lifetime

Make sure to add deck safety to your routine of annual or semi-annual deck maintenance such as painting, staining, and cleaning your deck to herald the deck safety season. Remember to make this a deck safety habit before the outdoor season begins.

Archadeck Of Central Georgia Is Your Deck Safety Expert For Macon, Warner Robins And Central Georgia

Archadeck advises Macon, Warner Robins and Central Georgia area homeowners to be cautious when selecting a company to design and build your new deck or to expand and upgrade the deck you currently have.

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Not everyone who can nail two boards together will qualify as a legitimate deck builder. And, not everyone who can build a deck has the high standards, professional business practices, and quality workmanship you get with Archadeck as your deck builder and design company.

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We invite you to contact us during business hours by phone at 478-241-8406. Even more convenient, click here to connect with us. We look forward to being your custom deck building and deck safety expert.

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John Haugabook, owner Archadeck of Central GA.