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Archadeck Builds for a Baker and Receives Sweet Treat as Thanks!

Even a commercial construction project manager knows if you want the best Macon GA deck and screened porch, have Archadeck of Central GA build them for you. These homeowners in the Rivoli area of Macon had just moved to town, purchased their home, and set out to do some remodeling. For their elevated screened porch and deck, they turned to Archadeck.

Custom backyard screened porch and deck

For Macon GA Decks and Porches Done Right, Call Archadeck of Central GA

Area before screened porch added
— Area before we added the screened porch.

This homeowner knows his way around a commercial construction site, but residential screened porches and decks were a bit outside his area of expertise. Could he build a deck and screened porch? Of course! Would they be as lovely and inviting as these outdoor living spaces custom designed and built by Archadeck? Probably not! But, as a professional, he knew when to call in another professional.

Interior view of screened porch with dining area

The clients chose pressure-treated pine throughout their elevated deck and screened porch combination. They wanted to retain the concrete area below, so we didn’t demolish it. Instead, we were able to engineer a design that included the concrete base and actually used it for support of the new structures overhead. We also used the existing concrete sidewalk for the deck’s stair landing.

Custom Screened Porch Design Aesthetics for the Win!

As you can see, this is a fairly standard screened porch, but the individual custom design elements add up to make it perfect for this home.

Custom backyard screened porch and deck

  • We designed the porch roof with a 2-ft. overhang to match home’s roof.
  • We extended the porch roof beams out to the end of the overhang—again, to match the design of the home’s roof.
  • The porch’s gable roof style mirrors the home’s gable roof. While the pitch of the two roofs is not precisely the same, they are complementary. The eye recognizes their similarity when you gaze at them.

Also, to give the porch’s open-rafter interior a beefier look and feel, we used 4×6’ rafters instead of 2×6’, which is the norm.

Our Reward: Archadeck Cookies!

We mentioned that the husband handled the home’s remodeling projects, apart from the deck and porch addition. What we haven’t told you is that the wife is a professional baker. Among their remodeling projects, they are adding a bakery onto the home.

Custom cookies

As a “thank you” for a job well done, the baker presented our crew with these beautiful Archadeck cookies—almost too beautiful to eat! We did eat them, however, and they were delicious. The lemon icing was incredible! We will definitely be ordering these special treats for some of our clients. We want to give a HUGE thanks to 1 Busy Baker. We highly recommend her treats!

Are you ready to discuss a new deck design and/or screened porch design for your Macon or Warner Robins-area home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! We offer “virtual design consultations” with video conferencing to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get in touch with us by calling (478) 241-8406.

Company owner
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.