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A Combination Deck & Porch Space Transformation for the Ages

Throughout life, you’ve probably noticed that your needs have changed over time, and such changes can have massive implications for your home. As great as your home can seem at the beginning of your residency, time often reveals shortcomings that probably weren’t an issue initially. For this family in the Barrington Hall neighborhood in Macon, Georgia, the outdoor living space wasn’t sufficient for their evolving needs, so they reached out to their local Macon GA deck builder!

When the owners of this property reached out to Archadeck, the only outdoor component of the home was a simple, worn, wooden deck. There was a clear need for changes. Using our custom design process, we created an outdoor space that can provide both shade, sun, and room for gatherings and relaxation. As far as combination spaces go, this deck and covered porch provides incredible versatility and beauty that matches the aesthetic qualities of the home. So, let’s dig into this transformation!

low maintenance outdoor living combo with porch and deck

Upgrades courtesy of your Macon GA deck builder

Before getting this project underway, we needed to assess the condition of the existing deck to see what could be salvaged for the new structure. The deck was in pretty rough shape, but we were able to keep some of the joists. However, a lot of fresh material was needed to install a new edge band, posts, beams, and additional joists. Although we couldn’t save much from the original deck, it is always worth considering what you can keep from your existing structure to save on costs and waste. Overall, the goal of these homeowners was to find a company that could work with new and old materials, and they found their solution. At Archadeck, we are here to help you with any and all of your Macon GA deck upgrades and updates.

deck and covered porch combination in macon GA

Their original deck was well-loved, but these homeowners wanted an improved, open deck space that also offered shade in times of excessive heat. As an expert in Macon GA shade structures, we accomplished these goals in two parts. For shade, we extended a roofed section off the back of the home, and we paired this expansion with improved deck space. With a stairway that frames roughly 2/3 of the entire deck space, we were able to expand the feeling of openness as well as create more room for overflow when guests are in attendance. We also included stairs on the side of the deck to accommodate the pathway that wraps around the house and improve accessibility. As a nice touch, we added rain chains instead of a gutter system to remove the effects of a messy downspout.

macon deck and porch custom builders archadeck

Materials of the highest quality

As a nationally recognized outdoor living company, we take great pride in the materials we use, which is why Archadeck of Central GA referrals from neighbors are so common. Indeed, this customer was referred to us by another family we worked with in the same neighborhood! In addition to gorgeous pressure treated wood columns, handrails, and risers, this deck & porch combination space also uses synthetic materials for enhanced longevity. For the main deck and steps, we used Fiberon Good Life decking to increase the deck surface’s durability and aesthetics. This material is highly resilient and resists fading and cracking from the sun, all while eliminating the care and treatment you would typically pay to a wooden deck. For the railing caps, we used TimberTech coconut husk style synthetic decking to create similar durability and aesthetic enhancements. We pride ourselves on the skills of our carpenters, who are capable of artfully blending natural and synthetic decking materials to create a finished product that turns heads!

low maintenance custom deck in macon barrington hall archadeck

To create the outdoor experience of your dreams, like these homeowners did, look to us for solutions. Contact Archadeck of Central GA today to discuss our deck upgrades, redecking or a new deck addition at your Macon home.

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.