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What if you chose the Chevy instead of a Cadillac but ended up ordering a Jaguar?

A cautionary tale

Have you ever wanted the Cadillac but purchased the Chevy? It’s easy to justify cutting back on some of the features or requirements that we have for ourselves to be more in line with a budget or because of our “champagne tastes”. With outdoor building, use much caution when taking this path. If a contractor gives you a quote for what you want, it’s a reputable builder and the price seems higher than you thought, there’s probably a reason it is so high. Share your concern with the contractor and ask them to provide insight into the pricing and alternative options.

Although there are certainly a few bad apple contractors out there, for the most part, your project is priced out allowing you to get the high-quality construction you deserve and allowing the contractor to make money doing it. If the price is too high and you begin to cut features, be careful of what you’re cutting. You may end up getting a space that doesn’t serve your needs.

At Archadeck of Central GA, we had a customer who had us provide a quote for a new gazebo. When we provided the quote, the customer decided that she has wanted the Cadillac but her budget only afforded her a Chevy. Instead of asking us to identify money-saving changes to the plan, she found a jackleg builder who claimed they could build a “Cadillac” for the price of a “Chevy”. Halfway through the construction, with 90% of the money, they disappeared! The homeowner asked us to come back to finish the project. Unfortunately the work the jackleg builder did complete was not to code and had to be torn down. When we were finished, our client had a “Cadillac”. However, after paying twice, she ended up paying the price of a “Jaguar”!

Custom wood gazebo

This is a cautionary tale. If you know it’s a good builder and you trust them, ask for their insight about project modifications to get more inline with your budget. If their price is significantly lower than the other prices, be assured that you will get what you are paying for — which is a lot less than you are hoping for. An outdoor project is a big deal. It makes sense to build it right the first time.

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