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Three things about this Kathleen GA Screened Porch you might never notice if we didn't tell you

To start, which part is added and which is new?

Screened porch and deck overlooking swimming pool

Can you tell whether it’s the screened porch or the covered deck that’s new? Take a look at some of the details. Look at the roofilnes, shingles, brick, columns and gutters. The screened porch is the recent addition.

Old open porch
There is quite a difference between the old open porch and step-down deck and the new screened porch deck replacement.

Scrolling back up to the look at the finished picture, you probably would never notice that the brick skirting on the new porch and on the home are not perfect matches. As often happens, the brick used with the original home is no longer available. Working with a local brick manufacturer, they helped us source the closest match but also suggested that we pressure wash the new brick to remove a layer of sand and ensure an even better match. We were happy to do that because we want our structures to look like they’ve always been part of the home.

Now take a look at the picture below. Look at the screened portion in the top right corner. Affixing a new roof to this home’s existing rooflines was quite a challenge. The house had a steep gable roof with the attached shed roof covered deck area. Not only did we want to effectively tie into the existing roof but we didn’t want to compete with the shed roof of the existing covered deck. You’ll want to scroll back up again to look at the challenge of fitting another roofline into the existing configuration.

Cozy screened porch

While looking at the image above, also notice the diagonal decking which lends a tremendous custom look when using traditional pressure-treated wood flooring. It’s important to note that crawling bugs should never be a worry on our porches. We make sure to affix screening below the decking boards to keep creeping bugs out.

In the last photo below, imagine sitting in one of the chairs and look at how well you can see the area outside the porch. Now remember days of old when thick wooden pickets would make it very difficult to see beyond the pickets.

Cozy screened porch overlooking swimming pool

There’s a reason that slender dark-colored metal pickets are popular now. Not only are they attractive but the visibility is astonishing. The dark color leads your eye to what lies beyond. The slender profile minimizes any distractions to your eye.

Not wanting to be limited to just a couple hidden treasures on this porch, also notice the benefit of having a porch contractor that ensures all proper electrical wiring is in place. This ensures you can have the number of ceiling fans you desire along with having outlets for hanging your decorative lighting also.

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