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Top 5 reasons that picking a deck company with over 25 years' experience is the best choice

We know how difficult it is to select a contractor. We’ve helped our clients make decisions about selecting a contractor for the past 27 years here in the Macon and Warner Robins area. You might think that a lot has changed in 27 years but in reality, the reasons for making a good decision on a contractor have not changed. You want someone highly qualified, with a list of happy customers happy to testify to their experience and it is important to select a contractor with a long and proven track record. We all know that training is more than critical. Training is essential. First and foremost, a contractor you choose must be top notch at their craft. They must also have significant experience of applying this craft and happy customers to show for it.

What is the value of over 25 years’ experience?

  • We’ve been there and done that

Imagine going to a new hair stylist that was well trained but had never cut that length or never put color on a real person. Imagine going to get your car fixed at a brand new shop where the guys are well trained but don’t have much experience working on real cars. We’ve built hundreds and decks and porches in this area over the last 27 years. We’ve used almost every material working at hundreds of different locations in all different neighborhoods. We’ve worked with every type of ground condition, every slope, every drainage situation, new homes, historic homes and even a log cabin. You can be certain that your home is not a training ground and that provides peace of mind. We are tremendously proud that 59% of our customers this year are either repeat customers or customer referrals.

  • We have seen every roofline and attached roof to every conceivable roof out there. Other contractors say they can’t do it

As a roof structure contractor, our job is to successfully add a room to a house where that room was not originally intended. No thought, care or attention was paid to adding on when the house was originally built. Interrupting siding is just one consideration. Flashing successfully is just another consideration. But what about working around bay windows, under second story windows and between spaces with multiple rooflines? We can’t tell you how many times we have been called to a home and homeowners relay that every contractor said a roof connection will not work with their home configuration. We have never met a home we couldn’t work with to successfully connect a porch or sunroom roof.

  • Experience working with deck and porch-building materials

In the custom-building trade, every detail has a story. Every material is not only different in the claims it makes on the marketing packages. It’s different when you actually use it. For example, pressure-treated pine is a great decking option. It’s strong and most often the most economical choice. But what about if the boards are placed too close to each other and the hot Georgia sun gets hold of it? What will happen when abutting boards expand and there is no space left for expansion? In addition to having extensive on-the-job experience working with all different materials, what happens if those materials change over time? Unfortunately we are seeing a phenomenon here in the southeast of the quality of pressure-treated pine degrading. It seems difficult to imagine that a 2 × 4 of pine from 5 years ago is not the same 2 × 4 of pine now. As with all farming engineering, many items are being engineered to grow faster. With that comes less structural stability. These are the types of things a long-time contractor knows, can counsel you about and will be able to notice trends in. We have also had the chance to see the condition over time – ones that are 10 years old, 15 years old, etc.

  • See the real thing, not just a drawing or a conceptualization

Whether you’re planning on spending $5,000 or $35,000, you deserve the chance to see the handiwork of the contractor you select. Seeing an architectural rendering is great. Seeing a 3-D rendering is even better. Seeing that type of structure with those materials on a real house is the best case scenario. Our past customers are happy to provide a tour of their outdoor space so you can see exactly the workmanship you will be receiving on your similar structure.

  • We treat your backyard like it’s a backyard and not like a job site.

We know your backyard is where your kids play and where your dogs bound out to the minute the yard is cleared every day. We pick up, keep sharp things out of the yard and otherwise treat your yard as our own throughout the entire building process. We know it can be uncomfortable having a team of people in your backyard but we make sure that when we’ve left for the day and finished the job, you are rest assured that we have treated your yard like our own throughout the entire project.

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