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This Topsy Turvy Screened Porch and Deck in Macon is Ready for a Solo

In much the same way the actor in a play or movie takes center stage in their lead role, so do the custom outdoor living structures we build here at Archadeck of Central GA.

Custom backyard screened porch and deck with staircase

Nothing could make this more evident than when it comes time for one of our clients we have built for to sell there home. Outdoor living structures built by Archadeck have something extra going for them. You could ask, “What’s in a name?” When it comes to Archadeck, the answer is, “A lot.” The Archadeck brand is recognized nationwide as producing a very high-quality product. Locally-owned Archadeck businesses such as Archadeck of Central GA design and build outdoor structures to last.

Screened porch and deck with outdoor kitchen on deck

Homeowners aren’t necessarily aware of what’s going on behind the scenes at Archadeck to ensure top-quality design. What home buyers see is the mention of Archadeck in a home’s MLS listing. Many times a seller will point out, in their listing, that their outdoor living structures were built by Archadeck.

Each owner of an Archadeck design-and-build outdoor living structure business builds “the Archadeck way.” All of Archadeck’s standard designing and building practices meet local building codes – nationwide – and some of our standards exceed code during the time of their construction. However, building codes change frequently and the same structure that met and even exceeded codes 5 or 10 years ago, may need minimal amendments to stay current.

We go the extra mile — exceeding all warranty time frames

Recently, we were contacted by a customer in the Broadleaf neighborhood of Macon, in regards to a screened porch and deck combination we had built for them five years ago. The homeowners were in the process of listing their home for sale and during the pre-listing inspection, a few amendments were suggested to bring the structure up to current code. Archadeck of Central GA gladly heeded the call!

Deck with outdoor kitchen

After going over the suggestions with the homeowner’s realtor, we sent one of our crews over to complete the amendments. We did this in good faith based on our long-standing relationship with these wonderful homeowners and did not ask them to sign into another contract to have the work completed.

If you want to learn more about working with the Macon’s premier outdoor stucture builder, please give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at (478) 241-8406.

Company owner
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.