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This South Macon Wooden Deck Is An Upgrade In Style And Convenience!

During their complimentary design consultation, this idiomatic expression came to mind as our expert deck building and deck replacement team suggested that this new South Macon upgraded backyard deck follow the same footprint as the original deck that we removed – “Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!”

As the only thing wrong with the old deck was that it was in need of replacement, it was a smart and cost effective decision to follow the lay of the land – if you will – and use the very same footprint. So we did just that.


The Best Part Of This Deck Replacement Project In S. Macon – An ELATED Client!

Keeping the spatial parameters of the deck that was previously in their South Macon backyard, our deck replacement experts created a brand new outdoor living deck retreat for this family using pressure treated lumber, ensuring its safety and durability, crowning it with a grab for the staircase to ensure safe access and exit into the rear landscape.


Of note, we also used solid skirting on one side and square lattice on the other in an effort to keep out animals that frequently roamed the neighborhood, especially cats.

Decks Crafted Out Of Pressure-Treated Wood Are Lower Maintenance Than Those That Are Untreated

Although composite and PVC decks are preferred by some clients, many simply love the look, feel and aromatics of real lumber.

During the longevity and protection treatment process, pressure and vacuum technology are used to force protective chemical preservatives into standard woods like spruce, fur, or pine. This renders it a sturdier building material that is less susceptible to rot, fungal decay, and insects.

Furthermore, pressure-treated wood for new and upgraded decks is notably cheaper than cedar, redwood, and other types of wood. And with its resilience and durability, you’re much less likely to experience a need for costly repairs in the future. It is a great choice for those operating on a smaller budget. In the future, should it need to be repaired due to an unexpected accident, pressure-treated wood is easily and inexpensively repaired.

Popular for its time-tested durability, pressure-treated wood decks are more durable than many other types of wood, and as such, better-able to resist dents, scratches, and wear. The treated wood’s extra strength gives it a long lifespan, ensuring that it will last for decades to come with proper care.

A Pressure-Treated Deck With A Large Expanse, For A High Level Of Leisure Living And Entertainment Functionality

With a pressure-treated deck this spacious and naturally beautiful, the two stair entrances easily provide access to the vast rear lawn.

If You’re Wishing For A New Deck, Your Wish Is Soon To Be Granted!

Call our Master Outdoor Living Designers, John Haugabook and Kelby Haugabook, at 478-241-8404 to schedule a complimentary design consultation at your convenience.

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John Haugabook, owner Archadeck of Central GA.