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How Screening In An Existing Patio Opens Up A Whole New World Of Possibilities

Patios are wonderful, no matter how you look at them. Be they crafted from pavers, hardscape materials, or concrete, they create on open-air oasis for homeowners all across Northeast Dallas and Southlake.

screened in patio

But little do many homeowners realize, this little backyard gem can get a whole new lease on life, creating a unique outdoor room, simply by screening it in.

How A Screened Patio Is A Versatile Outdoor Space And Can Be Used As An Extension Of Your Home

Is it a screened outdoor room? Yes.

Is it a shelter from falling raindrops and annoying buzzing, biting bugs? Yes.

Is it an outdoor retreat away from the family activities inside the house?

screen in existing patio

Is it an outdoor dining room to enjoy alfresco dining surrounded by fresh air? Yes.

Is it a poolside retreat from the hot sun during those dog days of summer? Yes. Absolutely. All that, and more.

As we continue to spend more time outdoors in the privacy of our yard, the functionality of a screened patio is limitless.

How A Screened Patio Offers Much-Needed Shade As The Warm Season Is Right Around The Corner

If you have an existing patio outside your home, we can screen it in and create an outdoor room you and your family will love.

If you don’t, we can design and build a new one from scratch and include all the features and functionality you desire – like an outdoor kitchen perhaps?

screened in patio

Being known for our three-digit temperature days during summertime, it is so wonderful to be able to step from the sunlight into a sheltered and protected outdoor space whenever you wish, without having to head back indoors to do so.

As working remotely from home continues to grow more popular with today’s American workforce, and with the innovations in remote digital technology, why would anyone in the world want to be stuck working inside a conventional office building when they can bask in the great outdoors in their very own backyard? That beats the heck out of me.

The Best Of Both Worlds – A Life Of Leisure While Working From Home – Outdoors

One of the good things – if not the only good thing that resulted from the COVID pandemic – is that working from home is no longer taboo.

In fact, the opposite is true.

According to a report issued by Nationwide Insurance, the pandemic forced a substantial number of businesses to transition to fully remote operations, permitting their employees to work from home.

Modifying what we once knew as a typical workday experience, 59% of American workers say their jobs can be done from home; currently, six-in-ten of these workers work from home all or most of the time.

In fact, 83% of this population said they were working from home even ahead of the spread of the omicron variant. Today, even as businesses have reopened their workplaces, a considerable number of employees have opted to remain remote, leaving office spaces significantly less occupied.

screened in poolside patio with doggie door

As long as your screened patio has power, light, and Wi-Fi access, you’re in business – literally.

Having a choice of work environment and location is now a key factor for many job seekers when searching for a better work-life balance and evaluating new career opportunities.

And should you be one of those who are still pessimistic about this work transition, in a recent University of Chicago research paper, scientists found that nearly six in ten of their survey respondents reported higher productivity when working remotely, while only 14% proved less productive. On average, remote work productivity was over 7% higher than in-office productivity. A win/win? We most certainly think so.

How A Screened Patio Offers Protection From Insects And Rain

Another HUGE benefit of spending quality time for work, leisure or entertaining in your screened patio is what it doesn’t have – namely insects and rain.

Let’s face it. Mosquitoes are awful. And after it rains, the population increases exponentially.

By spending time in your screened patio, you can happily avoid both.

royce city screened in poolside patio

Once your patio is screened, you can still enjoy fresh air and circulating breezes without outdoor nuisances that previously were known to ruin a good time in your backyard.

The Beauty, Practicality, And Convenience Of Adding A Screened Patio To Your Outdoor Living Spaces Will Enrich Your Life And Leisure Time

No longer thought of as a standalone structure, screened patios are a wonderful way to increase your home’s value and your outdoor living footprint, by creating additional living space as part of an expanded outdoor combination area.

A perfect example is adding a screened patio at the base of a deck or porch, allowing you to step into a protected environment without the outside obstacles that can turn a joyous day into one that becomes a disappointment due to Mother Nature’s occasional surprises.

Just how a screened patio harmonizes well with other structures such as a patio or deck has to be experienced to be believed. A screened patio opens up outdoor living choices for the homeowner that may have never before been thought possible.

Explore The Possibilities And Create Your New Reality With Archadeck

During a complimentary design consultation, together we can explore how to enhance the quality of your life by getting out of the house, while still being just steps from home.

To schedule yours, click here; or call us at 972-433-7526. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.