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Announcing The Proud Winner Of The Archadeck Design Award For Porch/Roof Structures For The Q4 2022 Design Contest

Gratitude is one of those human emotions that is so important to daily life – both showing it and receiving it. Recognition feeds our soul, and encourages us to continue to do good things and perform well.

Heath TX Screened Patio

And when that cherished gratitude manifests itself in the bestowing of a professional honor by your highly valued peers in business, that is a wonderful thing.

The Archadeck Design Award For Porch/Roof Structures For The Q4 2022 Design Contest Goes To Agustin and Amanda Garza In Northeast Dallas

The local Archadeck franchise owners and chief design consultants Garzas performed a complimentary design consultation for this family in Heath, Texas, who wanted to expand their outdoor living horizons – with horizons being the operative word.

Q4 2022 Design Contest Winner

They not only added some finishing touches to the existing covered patio area, but they extended the entire space for the ultimate in usability and desired functionality. The result is this spectacular relaxation and entertainment venue for the lucky homeowners and their guests. It’s an Archadeck Design Excellence Award Winner for sure.

Heath Tx Screened Patio

Truly, just about any size covered patio serves some function. Small, open patios are great spaces of respite, but if you long for the ultimate use of your patio, an expansive space with screens is the way to go! For this patio, we used SCREENEZE® screening, and gave the homeowners two points of exit with two PCA screen doors. And boy oh boy, those horizons were most definitely expanded allowing a top-to-bottom clear view of their lush backyard on all three side of this newly covered patio.

Floor-To-Ceiling Attention To Detail Defines This Exquisite Screened Patio

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake created a new flooring footprint for their existing patio, which carries out onto the new patio space. Acid stained, smooth concrete in a dark walnut finish is the new foundation. 

This rich brown patina gives the embellished space a natural appeal and creates a cohesive aesthetic between the existing and new patio areas.

Our team installed a pine tongue and groove ceiling in the existing and new covered patio areas, stained with dark walnut. The high, open gable now allows natural airflow and light entry into the space, aided by two large skylights. For an authentic rustic architectural touch, we installed exposed beams, and gave them a high-contrast finish with shagbark stain, a saturated dark chocolate hue – a perfect visual accent.

Winner of the Archadeck Design Award for Porch Roof Structures

Should you wish to achieve a similar backyard transformation to address your growing outdoor living needs, it would be their pleasure to give you expert guidance and help you design your ultimate screened in backyard oasis.

If You Didn’t Know Better, You Would Think You Were In A Chalet In The Swiss Alps Once Inside

A glance upward rewards the eye with luxe beauty and stunning geometry. Practically speaking, the additional roofed space will protect them from the elements, while the screens will keep flying pests and biting bugs far, far away. The increased footprint of the flagstone grill patio will give the family chef faster and more efficient access into and out of the patio, right outside one of the new screened doors.

exterior view of screened patio

If You Have Been Thinking Of Outdoor Living Upgrades For Your Backyard, Now Is The Best Time To Act On It

As we enter this new year, understandably many families are focusing on many post-holiday responsibilities. But the luxury of this time for us is that our design and construction calendar has yet to be filled in completely. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with us now for a complimentary design consultation and we’ll get your new or enhanced space ready just in time for the warmer spring weather.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.