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Take Your Poolside Enjoyment to the Next Level!

At Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we put our design expertise to work for you to make your poolside experience sublime. Your pool can be your haven, your escape from the demands of the day. It can also be the place where you enjoy entertaining friends. Whatever you want to have within reach of your pool, that’s what we can design and build for you.

Chopped Stone Waterfall wall and walk in entry to pool

In general, we recommend that if you have room for a larger patio near the pool, let’s take full advantage of that space for a more functional outdoor living area.

When you need screens, too, shade is not enough

When homeowners need protection from mosquitoes as much as they need shade, we understand how important that is. If that’s a concern around your pool or spa area, we will work with you to design a screened area that encompasses your pool. At the same time, we always take care to design your screened room in a way that blends with your home. Matching the roof of your new protected space to your home’s roof can tie it all together in a way that’s visually pleasing.

Screened pool cover

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Here’s another example of a custom screened room where we combined shade with mosquito protection. In this case, the area that needed to be screened was for a swim spa rather than a pool. For this client, having the area shaded and screened meant the difference between being able to enjoy that outdoor space, or not. And that means everything.

Screened Porch

At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we work wonders with screening. We use a product called SCREENEZE for extra-wide screens. We won’t break up your view into little sections of screen when we can give you an unobstructed view.

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The pool itself cannot carry the whole space

When we design a comprehensive poolside entertainment area, we factor in so much more than the pool. We assume you have a pool because you love the water. Maybe you swim, maybe you don’t. What we take into consideration when we design your poolside area is what you want to do in this space. What will you use it for, and what amenities will you need within reach? A place to cook. A place to dine. A place to watch sports events on TV—in the shade—while you watch the kids playing in the pool. We can incorporate whatever you need poolside, and we’ll make it all look like it was designed in conjunction with your home. We always manage to achieve that “it’s always been there” look.

Pool Deck

Outdoor Kitchen

Sometimes the perfect poolside environment isn’t a patio! We’ve designed decks as poolside environments, too. If your lifestyle includes expecting the unexpected, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is your outdoor living designer.

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Many of our clients use their poolside space primarily for outdoor cooking and dining. Outdoor kitchen components are the center of that universe, necessarily, and nothing is more important than those poolside cooking accommodations. We pay careful attention to how you want your cooking area arranged! Here’s an example where the homeowners enjoy two separate outdoor kitchen areas—one for food prep and clean-up, and one for cooking. Now you see we really do custom-design everything we build.

Covered poolside patio

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Don’t be afraid to compete with the pool!

Some of our best poolside cabanas are anchored by a large outdoor fireplace. While a great stone fireplace is imposing, so is a pool. We can design a substantial freestanding shade structure to balance your poolside environment as a whole. It’s alright to acknowledge that a lot of the time you spend around the pool may not actually involve swimming. A covered patio with an outdoor kitchen, comfortable seating, a bar, dining, a TV, and anything else you want nearby—let’s do it! All of these elements make your poolside entertainment area complete. With a bold, cohesive design, the poolside area is not just about the pool.

Poolside Pavilion

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Let us know what else you want to include in your poolside area, and what else you want to use it for. Let’s maximize your family’s enjoyment of your pool and everything you want around it.

Contact us today to learn more at (972) 433-7526 or email us at and start living the patio lifestyle you desire!

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas team

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