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Garland TX Screened Porch Addition is Perfect for Swim Spa … And More!

What a difference a screened porch can make! And who hasn’t put up with something that’s not entirely satisfactory until, finally, you put the time and energy into having it fixed? Suddenly you’re amazed by how much better it is and wonder why it took you so long to address the problem. If your “problem” is an inadequate outdoor living space like the one pictured here, call Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake like this homeowner did. We can design a solution that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space again.

Custom screened porch

Our client in Garland, TX, thoroughly enjoys the swim spa on her patio. That enjoyment, though, diminished over time as she was constantly fighting off the mosquitoes and other insects that invaded her space daily. Taking action to find a solution meant calling Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake.

SOS! Archadeck, This is Why I Need a Screened Porch!

This homeowner enjoys the luxury of a home that backs up to a beautiful golf course. She also enjoys the luxury of a swim spa on her back patio, and she uses it every day. What she didn’t enjoy were the mosquitoes that tormented her when she went outdoors to swim or relax on the patio. In addition, the canopy over her swim spa provided a bit of shade, but the area became hot and stifling at times.

Swim spa shade
— Before

The client looked to Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake for a multifaceted solution, and we did not disappoint. Here was the scope of our screened porch and patio combination project at this Garland TX home:

  • Design and build a custom screened porch to keep pesky insects and debris away from the swim spa
  • Extend the patio to create a larger outdoor living space for grilling and dining outdoors
  • Add a porch roof over a section of the patio for additional shade outside the screened area.

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake Builds the Best Screened Porches!

Custom screened porch

The screened porch we designed for this Garland TX homeowner provides more consistent shade than a canopy could. It gives her a protected area where she can enjoy swimming again. That sounds simple but means everything! The end of the screened porch overlooking the golf course provides such a tranquil view, the view alone could improve a person’s quality of life!

Seating area on screened porch

Notice the wide screens! Many builders would have divided this “wall” of screening up into several sections, maybe even 6-8 sections, with framing that would have impeded the view. Archadeck worked to create the most unobstructed view possible.

How did we do it? SCREENEZE is our go-to screening system, and it has never let us down. With SCREENEZE, we can install much wider screens for a better view. These screens are extremely durable and come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Porch ceiling with lighting

We designed the screened porch with a gable roof to allow more light through the open (screened) gable end. We used a Hardie board ceiling finish on the porch interior to match the house. The 6 X 6 pressure-treated wood posts supporting the porch are finished with Hardie board wrap that’s painted to match the house, too. Finally, we installed recessed can lighting and ceiling fans in the porch ceiling. That old canopy didn’t come with a ceiling fan! The screened porch is noticeably cooler now—and infinitely more pleasant.

Porch ceiling with lighting

There’s plenty of room in the new screened porch. While the canopy was confined and only had room for the spa, the screened porch can accommodate a table and chairs as well. The porch includes two PCA aluminum screened doors for easy access to and from the space on either side.

Archadeck is Your NE Dallas and Garland TX Patio Builder

Old backyard patio
— Before, the patio only reached as far as the back of the fireplace.

If you have room for a larger patio, we recommend you take full advantage of that space for a more functional outdoor living space. As you can see, the home’s original patio only reached as far as the back of the fireplace. With our patio extension, now it spans the length of the home. We finished the entire patio, including the floor of the screened porch, with a textured stain and stamp surface. The stamp we used is the Roman slate pattern, and the stain color is bone in walnut.

Covered Patio Equals Open Porch

We attached a shed roof to the screened porch’s gable roof to create a shaded area on the patio just outside the screened porch. It’s a gable/shed roof combo. This gives the homeowner three ways to enjoy the combination porch-and-patio outdoor living space: screened porch, open porch, and extended patio.

Custom screened porch

This homeowner is delighted with her new and improved outdoor living space. She’s thrilled that Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake designed the structures she needed to make using her swim spa and outdoor space a pleasure!

Have you been putting up with an inadequate outdoor living space? Let Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake design and build the perfect outdoor living space for your home. Contact us today at (972) 433-7526 to schedule your design consultation.

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