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High And Dry Takes On A Whole New Meaning With This Garland TX Balcony Deck By Archadeck Of Northeast Dallas Southlake

If you want to talk about the ultimate in outdoor living luxury, adaptability and functionality in Garland TX, this is it.

1. It’s an elevated Garland TX second story outdoor low maintenance deck and patio in one of the hottest designer composite deck colors and textures by AZEK TimberTech in their Terrain Collection: Silver Maple.

2. To create a Garland TX covered patio beneath it, we created what we refer to as a “rain deck” below the deck foundation on the home’s second level. The area below this 30 foot by 12 foot upper outdoor living space deck features a multi-faceted drainage trough system with downspouts directed away from the structure. It keeps rain, spills, and an occasional ice melt from dripping through the patio underneath. creating a dry space for the patio underneath. This innovative design and construction solution now gives the family two exquisite outdoor living Garland TX patios to enjoy instead of just one.

3. For the substructure support on this ingenious outdoor living combination space, our designers and engineers specified pressure-treated triple LVL columns, tall enough to eliminate the need for a middle column, which provided the family with an unobstructed vista view of the backyard landscape. The columns were thoughtfully wrapped in brick to complement the aesthetic of this Garland TX home’s exterior.

4. As for the lower ceiling underneath the balcony deck, it was upgraded to tongue and groove stained in Dark Walnut to augment the design continuity and ambience of the covered patio when glancing upward.

5. For safety, security and protection, the second level deck is surrounded on all open sides with a handsome black metal railing. Down below, this Garland TX covered patio deck has six can lights for heightened nighttime visibility and two fans to facilitate cool breezes when needed.

What Is So Special About AZEK TimberTech Composite Decking In Their Terrain Collection?

If you’re looking for a low maintenance decking building material that virtually takes care of itself, this is it.

Extremely durable, this outdoor living underfoot warrior is made from a mix of high-performance and recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fibers. As such, this premium Composite Decking is made to last and won’t splinter, crack, cup, or peel.

This Garland TX family and their guests can now enjoy a richly hued deck for decades with protective capping that resists UV rays and staining.

For This Garland TX Project, Why Is An Effective Drainage System Important?

Good question.

Well-crafted effective drainage systems are essential for maintaining the health and vitality of your landscape. They serve a vital role in managing water runoff, especially during heavy rainfall or irrigation, to prevent soil erosion, waterlogging, and potential flooding. Without a properly functioning drainage system, excess water can accumulate, leading to overly saturated soil and adverse conditions for plant growth.

Overly saturated soil can also weaken the structural integrity of built structures such as this, including your home, leading to potential damage or costly repairs. This is particularly crucial in areas prone to heavy rainfall or with certain soil types that do not absorb water effectively – and in innovative outdoor living design solutions such as this.

Moreover, stagnant water caused by poor drainage can create a conducive environment for pests and disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes to breed, posing health risks for inhabitants. It can also result in unsightly patches of damp, discolored, and often foul-smelling areas on your property, negatively impacting its aesthetic appeal.

The drainage systems Archadeck of Northeast Dallas Southlake installs are designed to combat these problems. They help manage water runoff, directing it away from the property to designated areas, thus preventing water accumulation and its associated problems. By doing so, we maintain the optimal moisture balance in your soil, ensuring the health of your lawn and plants, and preserving the beauty and value of your property.

What Are LVLs – And What Do They Mean?

The pressure-treated LVLs that we used in this custom build provide a total substructure solution as it can be used for every component of deck framing, including joists, beams, ledgers, stair stringers and bridging. It also delivers greater strength and load capacities than traditional lumber. It is a perfect complement to the AZEK TimberTech decking and building materials we use in our custom Garland TX designs.

The advantages pressure-treated LVLs deliver are many, including:

• Pressure-treated LVLs resist warping, movement and shrinking, as it is composed of layers of veneer bonded together under heat and pressure for strength, durability and longevity.

• Pressure-treated LVLs come with a 25-year warranty against damage from decay, fungal rot and wood-destroying insects.

• They are manufactured in large billets that can be cut down into a range of widths and lengths. This means our Garland TX expert deck builders have a wider selection of sizes, so they can use longer deck beams to create uninterrupted sight lines with fewer column supports.

• Because it’s LVL, these pressure-treated support, ledgers and joists deliver greater strength and load capacities, which are critical to the performance and safety of the entire deck system.

• Pressure-treated LVLs are a total substructure solution because they can be used for deck joists, beams, ledgers, stair stringers and bridging.

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