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Archadeck Of Northeast Dallas Southlake Transforms A Covered Patio Porch Into A 4 Season Room In Forney TX

It seemed like a good idea at the onset, but simply extending the roof to cover a new patio left this Forney TX family wanting more – much more. Look at the “before” image of the space prior to our transformation:


So they called Augustin Garza and Amanda Garza at 972-433-7526 for some brainstorming and a complimentary outdoor living transformation design consultation.


The Garza team are the proud local franchise owners – and masterful space designers – here in the Northeast Dallas Southlake area of Archadeck Outdoor Living. And within minutes, they had a transformational idea that the family loved: “Let’s take this covered porch and covered patio and turn it into a year-round 4 season room.” Bingo – that was what the family ultimately was looking for.

How The Garzas And Their Expert 4 Season Room Custom Design And Build Team Made It Happen

Using the family’s 24 foot existing opening behind their home, we took their existing patio and converted it to a 4 season room. Here is how we did it.

1. We installed custom windows and doors, 96 inches by 36 inches, to allow clear and ample sightlines to the backyard and rear landscape vista.

2. The new 4 season room windows are single hung windows, double paned, well-insulated, argon gas filled, with Low-E coating. Low-E stands for "low emissivity” meaning that the windows contain glass that has been coated in invisible layers of metallic oxide. This coating allows natural light to enter the home while deflecting UV rays and infrared light back out into the environment. Low-E glass is a modern invention that can help reduce heat loss in the winter and prevent heat entry in the summer, thereby creating a more comfortable 4 season room interior space.

Forney TX porch conversions

Low-E coatings are not visible to the naked eye. However, they are still reflective, just like the silver coating on the inside of a thermos. This reduces the emissivity of the glass and prevents certain types of light from entering or exiting the home. Low-E coatings are selectively reflective, and only allow light of a certain wavelength and frequency to pass through glass.

Our 4 season construction team used 2 x 4 framing and enveloped the new 4 season room structure with Hardie Board Shiplap with an intricate Cedar texture, a 16 inch knee wall and protective insulation.

Are You Ready For An Energy-Efficient Upgrade Transformation To Your Forney TX Porch Or Patio?

If you answered, “Yes!,” call the Garza team at 972-433-7526 for a complimentary design consultation to explore your conversion options.

Even easier, just click this link right here to connect with us.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake