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When Your Northeast Dallas Outdoor Spa Needs A Spa Treatment Of Its Own, Call Archadeck

Backyard spas are a godsend. Especially when the rigors of the day or the work week need to be calmed, soothed and faded into oblivion into warm, swirling waters just footsteps from your rear patio.

custom flagstone pool

But when the rigors of time, weather, and frequent use impact the look and functionality of the spa itself, what’s a Coppell, TX, homeowner to do?

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First, The Formula For The Spa Fix – Demolition Followed By A Wealth Of New Flagstone

You know the intense look of satisfaction on the face of the folks who grunt through the laborious work of making old structures seemingly disappear on those home renovation shows you enjoy on HGTV and other streaming digital gateways?

We know it and love it.

Teardown is a critical part of the redesign and rebuild of most outdoor living projects, and this spa makeover was no exception.



Rowlett TX Flagstone Custom Pool Surround Patio


The goal on this poolside patio spa project was to demo the existing spa, waterfalls and flagstone patio and add a new flagstone patio to replace the original one.

Step by step, here is how the renovation unfolded:

1. Demo the existing spa and waterfall area, being sure to cap the waterlines for protection

2. Demo the waterfall on the back side of the pool and replace it with flagstone coping, including capping waterlines

3. Demo the decorative rock clusters around the pool coping and replace them with flagstone coping

4. Demo the existing flagstone patio by the pool with a footprint of 20 feet by 17 feet

5. Demo the existing flagstone patio by the back gate area of 9 feet by 14 feet

6. Demo the existing flagstone walkway next to the spa with an area of 3 feet by 60 feet

7. Add a new flagstone patio by the pool with ample premium hardscape materials to cover an expanse of 20 feet by 17 feet

8. Add a new flagstone patio by the back gate to accommodate the new hardscape area of 9 feet by 14 feet

9. Add a brand new flagstone walkway next to the spa with required material to cover 3 feet by 60 feet

10. Design and install a new flagstone patio to be at the same level of the pool and to closely match the existing flagstone patio

11. Create a new flagstone foundation to be placed on a 4-inch concrete pad with rebar #3 set 16" on center

12. And last, but not least, the bonding and grounding of the new electrical components

From Overhead, A Stunning Mosaic Of Flagstone Beauty And Splendor In Multiple Shades Of Texture And Richness

The pallet of native Texas flagstone our team installed ran the gamut of light blue to dark blue, cream to white, and yellow to rust and tan.

overheard view of flagstone pool surround in rowlett tx

Known for its superior durability, flagstone is the perfect option for heavily trafficked areas such as spa and pool areas.

Exactly What Is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock usually made of sandstone bound together by minerals like silica, calcite, or iron ore. The flat stone is perfect as a paving stone and is often used for walkway, patio, and wall projects. The stone can also be cut and shaped in a variety of ways, allowing for unique patterns, as is evident in this spa rehab project.


A great hardscape choice for outdoor use in Texas, flagstone won't crack, and it won't shift position because of the changing temperatures. The stone is easy to maintain. You don't have to do anything to flagstone to keep it looking good except sweep it or spray it down, which makes it a great low maintenance outdoor foundation choice for new or expanded patios. If any stains set in, such as from mold, they can easily be removed with a mix of bleach and water.

Rowlett Flagstone Patio Builder

To help keep it looking like new for years, flagstone that is outdoors and is exposed to wind, rain, saltwater, chlorine, any other harsh materials and other natural elements needs to be sealed for optimal longevity. Because flagstone is a porous material, a sealer will fill in the pores in the stone and provide it with a gorgeous finish.

If There Is A Spa Patio Revitalization And Rebuild In Your Future, Trust America’s #1 Outdoor Living Space Designer And Builder – Archadeck

As we always say here at Archadeck throughout Coppell and Northeast Dallas Southlake, if you can wish for it and dream it, we can design it and build it. That’s precisely what we do.

To discuss the needs and wants for your next outdoor home improvement project, call us at 972-433-7526. Even easier, just click here to connect with us for a complimentary design consultation. It will be a pleasure to help. Thank you.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.