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Archadeck Transforms And Grows A Simple Walkout Into A Majestic Outdoor Living Space

With the right attitude, outlook, and professional expertise of being one of the most acclaimed builders of outdoor spaces in the United States, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas Southlake can do anything.

stain and stamp covered patio

The transformation of this meager backyard walkout is a perfect example.



When the client said, “We want more, more, and more.,” we knew exactly where they were headed – and what our challenge was going to be.

Side view of area before.

Actually, it wasn’t a challenge. It was more of a gift.

We love being tasked with the design and creation of quality, custom outdoor living spaces – of all shapes and sizes.

As They Say, The Devil Is In The Details

We started this outdoor living combination space transformation by building out from the existing walkout nook. We meticulously constructed a stunning 16-foot by 15-foot attached Gable Roof patio cover with a Cedar TV Wall.

stain adn stamp covered patio

We chose Cedar because it is a star performer outdoors. It stands up to harsh weather elements, resists moisture, and insects hate it. A win/win/win on the quest for more/more/more.

The stain and stamp patio was created using the Ashler Slate stamp with a 12-inch boarder for precise definition of the space and architectural detail.

stone bar area

Our design team chose to use chopped stone on the bar area and we installed a conveniently sized refrigerator to make grabbing a cool drink effortless, without ever stepping back indoors.

The redesign transformation also features grey Lueders stone tops with multi-color chopped stone. Lueders is a favorite of our design team, as it is a consistently tried and true Texas limestone, sawn on top as well as on the bottom.

It contains a rich variation in gradients and colors from buff, light-gold, dove gray, to even deep-golds. Lueders limestone originates from a well-established stone quarry in North Texas.

Should the name be new to you, Lueders means a line or any of a definite system of line markings appearing on the smooth surface of tough material strained beyond its elastic limit and caused by flow of the material. See – you learned something new today. Read on.

For the strong, sturdy, and imposing majestic posts, we chose dark walnut stain and also used it on the interior ceiling, for seamless continuity of design. As for the trim, we wanted to stay true to the home’s architectural style and painted it to match the house.

side angle of covered patio

And as you can see, the generously-sized hot tub is part of the overall patio transformation. Fun!

Archadeck Can Build Upon What You Already Have To Improve The Function, Beauty And Enjoyment Of Your Backyard Space

We decided to crown this beautiful project with an oversized fan for function, beauty, and comfort. Its vast spread created a strong element that signifies the space as truly unique and well-designed.

inside of covered patio roof

Speaking of “well-designed,” we hope that you will be contacting us soon so we can chat about transforming your backyard into something extra special – to be enjoyed for years to come.

You can do that – right here, right now – by clicking this link.

We look forward to hearing from you and increasing the function and value of your beautiful home.

awrchadeck outdoor living logo with owners

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas