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Who Builds The Highest Quality Patios In My Area?

What is your idea of the perfect backyard patio? What patio construction materials would it feature? Where can you find the finest patio builder in Dallas to build it? How much will my new patio cost – and how much value will it add to my home? Great questions!

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Where Can I Locate The Most Excellent Patio Builders Dallas?

Luckily for you, your search doesn’t have to be an extensive one. When reading our online patio construction reviews, and speaking with our outdoor living space patio clients, one patio contractor in Dallas rises to the top of the most recommended list. That patio contractor is Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake.

What Screened In Patios Companies Near Me Are The Most Recommended?

Word of mouth is an increasingly popular and dependable way of finding the best outdoor living space builders who specialize in paver patios.

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At the top of the list, you will find Agustin and Amanda Garza, local owner and professional patio design consultants, serving Bent Tree, Glen Abbey, Northwood Hills Valley View, Preston Highlands, Preston Trail, Prestonwood, and the DFW Metroplex.

Several of their custom patio designs throughout Lake Highlands, Merriman Park, and University Manor have captured the attention of nearby neighbors and Southlake homeowners for their innovative patio designs.

The Garzas are proud to be your local premier patio designer and builder, offering beautiful screened in patios that speak to your needs and style. Our custom patio construction teams relish the fact that enclosing our patios with screening dramatically adds to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces without the annoyance of pests or inclement weather.

Where Can I Find Someone To Create A Patio Extension Near Me?

If you are interested in upgrading your backyard patio and want to extend its size and thereby increase its functionality, we have multiple ways to help you achieve that.

Screened patio

Along with protection from insects and seasonal debris, a screened patio also provides a place to enjoy the outdoors even when Mother Nature has other ideas. Imagine being able to remain dry and collected while taking in the fresh air and views of your backyard, even during a shower.

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Taking your ideal backyard patio design a step farther, visualize how adding an outdoor kitchen will work in unison with an open-air space like your enhanced patio, adding versatility and limitless possibilities to how you and your family spend time outdoors. You would never have to take the outdoor celebration indoors because of inclement weather again!

Who Is The Best Covered Patio Contractor?

Some of our outdoor living clients find that screening is not necessary for their optimum outdoor leisure and entertaining enjoyment, but having a custom cover protecting their patio is.

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With our proven and rigorous construction standards, Archadeck specializes in patio covers of all shapes, sizes, and fabrications. For example, pergolas and trellises provide a completely new dimension to a backyard patio space. While many people focus on the importance of indoor renovations like kitchens and living rooms, do not neglect the opportunity to take outdoor living to a whole new level.

Patio Design

Whether you are looking to create a larger space to host a large gathering, or simply adding a new feel to the outdoors, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake will help you create a comfortable atmosphere in any outdoor living space. See how a covered patio or unique pergola design can demonstrate that personal touch that everyone is looking for.

What Else Can Archadeck Recommend For My New Patio?

Famous for their unique architectural interest and detail, pergolas and trellises have developed a reputation serving as an easy extension to an outdoor patio. Each in its own unique way adorns the area with shadowy accents from the sun while providing shade. Some especially cast captivating designs as the sun rotates throughout the day.

A custom design will provide the opportunity for anyone to show off their personal style. While many people struggle to add these designs themselves, the professionals at Archadeck bring a long and impressive track record with years of experience putting together the most intricate designs to make your dreams come true.

Upper view of house patio

Trust Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to make the most of your patio extension design with a trellis or pergola that fits with the window schematics of your home, enhances your backyard, and adds a new dimension of outdoor living space around any patio area.

What Else Should I Be Looking For With A Patio Extension Near Me?

The honest answer is whatever your heart desires. How about an intricate shape that follows the contours of your new inground swimming pool and outdoor spa? Or how about adding a cozy and functional fire feature on your extended patio platform?

Cozy fire feature

It is interesting to note that here in Dallas, the demand for professionally designed and built multi-functional patio spaces in the Dallas and Southlake areas shows no sign of slowing down.

In fact, area homeowners are showing increased diversity in regards to the backyard patio features they want. Nowadays, homeowners see their yard as an extension of the inside of their home, and they are increasingly seeking ways to convert their backyards into comfortable living spaces if it means they can spend more time there.

When Looking For The Finest Patio Contractors Dallas, What Hardscape Materials Should They Be Able To Offer Me?

Patio contractors in Dallas worth their salt should be able to present you with a host of options for your floor surface, as well as for architectural accents.

Firepit design

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas Southlake is just that.

Of all the patio contractors Dallas has to offer, no one can match the tried-and-true successful custom patio designs it is our pleasure to create.

Who Specializes In Natural Stone Patios?

Many stylish and unique patio installations we create for your Dallas neighborhood homeowners are meticulously crafted out of natural stone.

Natural stone brings a rugged and enticing beauty to our patio spaces. The powerful forces that create stone also infuse an array of stunning colors and tones that offer as many options as possible for your patio design and other outdoor hardscape features.

In fact, some varieties of stone include several different color hues in a single piece, making patio design a blend of landscape and art. Best of all, natural stone’s color won’t run onto your adjacent landscape or fade in the sunlight. Planning ahead and using stone native to our geographic region stays true to our cultural roots.

Why Should I Choose A Travertine Patio Builder?

Travertine is an amazingly wonderful choice for Dallas area backyard spaces. Patios constructed out of travertine stay cool in the sun. Since it’s a highly porous natural stone, travertine patios have excellent thermal insulating properties. That means its temperature stays cool to the touch longer if it’s in the heat of the full sun.

Patio stone

Another great reason, especially for poolside patios, is it is slip resistant. Any patio material you choose for a pool deck needs to be slip-resistant, even when it’s wet. Brushed and tumbled travertine pavers are a perfect choice for that reason. Their non-slip surfaces are comfortable to walk on but rough enough that it doesn’t get slippery even when it’s covered with water.

Are Travertine Patios Low Maintenance?

Yes, without a doubt, travertine patios are virtually maintenance-free.

Travertine pavers have a hard surface that is extremely durable. Its porous nature even makes it stable in extreme weather conditions from extreme heat to cold weather.

Patio Stone

It’s also easy to care for since the only required maintenance is regular cleaning with a broom, hose, and water. Every few years, you should also seal the surface to help prevent staining if something like wine, coffee, or acids could be spilled on it.

Are Stain And Stamp Patios A Good Alternative To Travertine?

As stain and stamp patios are individually created onsite in your backyard from concrete, they are more economical than travertine. Patios and pool decks created with poured concrete offer good durability at a fraction of the price. Archadeck can even stamp and stain the concrete to imitate the look of any natural stone, even travertine.

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What Is The Best Way To Decide On What Kind Of Patio I Should Choose?

After compiling your wish list for patio flooring options, size, function, features, and functionality, let’s meet to help determine what patio design would be best to meet your needs and preferences.

With so many options to choose from, scheduling your complimentary patio design consultation right here is a great place to start.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.