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Masters Of Creating Timeless Outdoor Shade Structures For Homeowners In The NE Dallas And Southlake, TX, Area

WOW – it’s hot out there. As this major heat wave blankets most of the United States, Northeast Dallas and Southlake is surely no exception.

dog on a lawn chair

But I still want to go outside!,” you say.

We hear you – and Archadeck can do something about it. With SHADE.

Northeast Dallas And Southlake Covered Porches

Remember the saying “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?” It was coined by Harry S. Truman way back in a newspaper article in 1942. Simply put, what he was saying is, “If you can’t stand your current situation, change it.” So, stop the summer temperature tolerance madness; and take cover. A new Archadeck covered porch is a great place to start.

covered porch

Thanks to our talented outdoor living design team, a custom design will provide the opportunity for anyone to show off their personal style while beating the heat in high style.

While many people struggle to create these covered porch designs themselves, the professionals at Archadeck bring a long and impressive track record with years of experience putting together the most intricate designs to make your dreams come true – and get you under cover from the blistering sun.

Northeast Dallas And Southlake Covered Decks

If you currently have a deck that you love – or one that needs to be redecked with new decking board material – call us.

While you’re at it, be sure to ask us to put a cover over it so you can still enjoy the outdoor vista of your backyard and keep the sun’s rays away from your leisure time outdoors.

covered porch with entertainment area

Depending on the construction foundation of your deck design, we can custom create the perfect deck cover to match your individual taste and personal style.

To build a shade roof cover over a deck, we will connect the new roof framing to the existing home. The easiest way is to use posts and beam construction with rafters connecting the beam to your home. Other ways involve removing a portion of the existing roof, adding trusses, and other framing options.

woman reading on her covered porch next to fireplace

Having a covered deck on the backyard exterior of your house is practical for a variety of reasons:

1. Weather protection from sun, rain and that very occasional snow flurry

2. Provides year-round outdoor use

3. Can act as a greenhouse with certain types of roofing or siding

4. Keeps outdoor items dry, such as clothes, furniture, and barbecue grills

Northeast Dallas And Southlake Covered Deck Material Ideas

There are several options homeowners choose when covering their deck. While it makes sense to have the same deck material as your existing roof, you can go a different route to add aesthetic value or a practical space beneath your roof, such as a greenhouse. Options include:

Polycarbonate Roof Panels: These roofing panels resemble plastic in that they are semi-transparent, allowing light to filter through while keeping the weather out. While not as durable as shingles or metal roofing, they are strong enough to withstand most outdoor conditions.

covered porch with fireplace

Shingles: If you want your deck cover to meld seamlessly into your existing roof, then shingles are a great option. Integrating shingles into your existing roof involves flashing valleys created by a gable, or hip roof, or simply sliding new shingles beneath the existing shingles if installing a slanted deck roof.

Metal Roofing: Adding metal cover to your deck roof can make it an attractive feature for your home. Metal roofing is the most durable option and will also provide the greatest return on investment for your deck cover – plus the patter of falling rain on it sounds amazing.

Northeast Dallas And Southlake Covered Patios And Patio Covers

Whether your outdoor living patio is a standalone sanctuary for your leisure enjoyment, or part of a combination outdoor living space, covering your patio, is a great way to increase the functional use of the space.

covered porch poolside

During your complimentary outdoor shade cover design consultation, we can discuss a variety of practical options to protect your patio living from sun and rain including:

A Pavilion Patio Cover: A beautiful and practical solution for open and airy living, while providing the added comfort of shade.

A Pergola Patio Cover: One of the most popular types of patio coverings is a pergola because of the partial shade/sun combo it provides.

A Second Level Deck Patio Cover: If your patio is adjacent to a two-story home that has second floor outdoor access, add a rain deck and create a balcony effect over your outdoor patio. It will give you a second outdoor leisure area – possibly outside of your bedroom – and will protect the patio below from the rain and sun.

Northeast Dallas And Southlake Detached Porches And Pavilions

Some of our innovative and beautiful outdoor living designs here in Texas are detached porches and pavilions.

In fact, Texas has received several detached porch design honors from our Archadeck brand franchise family for ingenious design thinking for these open air structures that offer solid protection from the elements overhead.

detached overhead porch

As for functionality, the possibilities are limitless – an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor alfresco dining room – you name it.

Northeast Dallas And Southlake Screened Porches

Shade protected outdoor living spaces such as screened porches deliver more than just protection from the heat or pop up summer shower. They also offer protection from bothersome and often dangerous insects such as mosquitoes, too.

covered porch

Did you know that here in Texas, four mosquito-borne illnesses have been detected? These are West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever and Zika Virus. Any one of these illnesses can be passed through the bite of a mosquito infected with these pathogens.

Along with protection from the heat of direct sun, insects, and seasonal debris, a screened porch also provides a place to enjoy the outdoors even when Mother Nature has other ideas. Imagine being able to backyard, even during a shower. Taking your ideal backyard design a step farther, visualize how adding a screened porch to work in unison with an open-air space like a deck or patio will add versatility and limitless possibilities to how you and your family spend time outdoors. You would never have to take the outdoor celebration indoors because of inclement weather, again.

Northeast Dallas And Southlake 3 Season Rooms

There’s cover for outdoor living spaces and then there’s COVER.

A 3-season room is also a screened porch, but with a little something extra. With the addition of vinyl windows, your screened porch or patio takes on the qualities of a sunroom, without the commitment of building an actual conditioned sunroom home addition.


With Eze-Breeze and SCREEEZE windows, you’ll be protected from the elements. You can enclose your screened porch on cool, sunny days to create a solarium. On mild days, you can slide the windows open, revealing up to 75% screens, to allow pleasant breezes to flow through your room. The choice is yours.

Northeast Dallas And Southlake Poolside Shade Structures

Generally speaking, based on our many years of experience, we recommend that if you have room for a larger patio near the pool, you should take full advantage of that space for a more functional outdoor living area.

ourdoor living area

When we design a comprehensive poolside relaxation and entertainment area, we factor in so much more than the pool. We assume you have a pool because you love the water. Maybe you swim, maybe you don’t. What we take into consideration when we design your poolside area is what you want to do in this space.

What will you use it for, and what amenities will you need within reach? A place to cook. A place to dine. A place to watch sports events on TV – in the shade – while you watch the kids playing in the pool. We can incorporate whatever you need poolside, and we’ll make it all look like it was designed in conjunction with your home. We always manage to achieve that “it’s always been there” look.

Summer Shade Is Calling – Will You Answer?

If we haven’t convinced you that adding shade cover to your outdoor living spaces is a great idea, you are most likely Sweltering Sally or Heatwave Harry.

If not, get ready to have it made in the shade and let’s start with your complimentary shade cover consultation. Click here; and let’s cool off together.

Austin and Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas

Austin and Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.