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In the Face of Rising Costs for Building Materials, Lock in the Price of Your New Deck, Porch or Patio with Archadeck of Nashville

Has news about the rising costs of building materials made you want to put off adding a new deck, porch, or patio to your home? With Archadeck of Nashville, the opposite action will be more cost-effective for you. That’s right, if prices keep rising, you can save money by signing with Archadeck now and locking in your project cost. No matter what happens to the prices of building materials between your contract sign date and your project start date, your price will not go up.

How To Lock In The Cost Of Your New Outdoor Living Structure.

Why do we make this promise? Because we are committed to providing you the best service, quality and value – even if material prices increase dramatically. This is not actually a new business practice for us. We have operated this way all along! However, when lumber and other material prices were stable, it didn’t seem that remarkable. Now, it’s your best defense against the scare of rising prices. When you work with Archadeck of Nashville, there is no need to postpone your outdoor living projects. If costs continue to rise after you sign your contract, we will take the hit on our end.

With Archadeck, Locking in Your Project Cost is Just the Beginning

The benefits of working with Archadeck of Nashville continue beyond locking in your project cost. You’ll find our practice of offering the best service, quality and value extends from your initial free design consultation through to your project completion.

How To Lock In The Cost Of Your New Outdoor Living Structure.

Our prices aren’t the only thing we lock in! The Archadeck process also “locks in” our attention to detail. We follow a detailed process for each and every project we take on, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. When you choose Archadeck, you are investing in the experience, professionalism and time it takes to have the work done right.

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How else do you benefit from the Archadeck process? While “process” is just a buzzword to some folks, for us it’s a way of life. Process is an important aspect of our professionalism, such as using written checklists to ensure we consistently adhere to high construction standards. You’ll experience the benefits of our process at several points throughout the time you work with us.

Archadeck Ensures Peace of Mind with Insurance, Warranties and Completion Guarantee

While you are likely excited about adding a new screened porch, deck or 3-season room to your home, you may be worried about risks. With Archadeck, you don’t need to worry. We carry ample liability insurance as well as workers comp insurance, so an accident on site won’t create a financial burden for you.

In addition to insurance, you are protected by Archadeck’s two warranties. We automatically include a 1-year workmanship warranty on your project – again, part of our commitment to value. The workmanship warranty covers defects such as splitting, severe warping or cupping of building materials, leaking roofs or shifting patio pavers. The second warranty, a 5-year structural warranty, covers the fitness of structural components such as footings, joists and paver patio base material. Finally, we also include a completion guarantee in our contract with you. If something were to happen to Archadeck of Nashville, another Archadeck location would step in and complete your project. No other outdoor living contractor can offer you that peace of mind. We want you to enjoy planning your outdoor living addition, not worry about it.

How To Lock In The Cost Of Your New Outdoor Living Structure.

Whether you’re adding a simple deck or a combination of several outdoor living structures, we would love to design and build your project. Why wait? Contact Archadeck of Nashville today to schedule a design consultation for your new outdoor living space.