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The Value Of A Custom Outdoor Living Space From Archadeck Of Nashville Is More Than Just The Sticker Price

Here at Archadeck of Nashville, we sometimes hear homeowners say “that is more than I expected to pay”. As your premier local outdoor living space design and build company, we wish to address these statements.

Unlike other builders, Archadeck structures come with more value than just the sticker price for what your project costs. As a custom design and build firm , we realize it is possible to find someone else to build your project cheaper. The keyword here is cheaper, and if your goal is simply to find the lowest bidder without taking the value of your project into account, then we will be the first to say we are likely not the right fit for you. However, if you realize the importance of investing in a high quality outdoor living space we are likely the company for you. If you value construction standards, experience, quality materials, workmanship, and service after the sale, then read on…

How much does an Archadeck of Nashville project cost?Why Pay More For An Archadeck Project?

There are many factors that contribute to the Archadeck cost structure these include insurance, warranties, affiliation with a national company that provides technical expertise, a design consultant who can answer your questions and guide you through design decisions and materials choices. In addition, our entire staff is knowledgeable and our tradesmen are among the best in the industry – this level of skill doesn’t come cheap.

Archadeck is often asked who our competition is – and the most accurate answer is “two guys in a truck” and yes, they will almost certainly build your project cheaper – but at what inevitable loss or cost to you down the road? Here is a list of what comes standard on all Archadeck of Nashville projects that you just won’t get from other builders:


Having adequate insurance is a serious consideration, and the reason why I have placed it first on the list. When workers are onsite, they are covered by liability insurance. This means that damages such as fire or water that could be incurred as a result of the work being performed at your home would be covered by Archadeck of Nashville’s general liability insurance. If your builder isn’t covered, then this will come out of your pocket.

How much does an Archadeck of Nashville project cost?

In addition to liability insurance, workers compensation insurance is just as important if not more. For example, if you hire the “two guys in a truck” to build your project for a cheaper price and one of them gets injured while on your property – who is responsible? If they have workers compensation insurance, then the insurance company is responsible for costs associated with the injury according to the law. However, if there is no workers compensation insurance, the injured party can sue his/her boss as well as the homeowner to recover damages from the injury.

You can rest assured our tradesmen are covered with both general liability and workers compensation insurance on every job we set foot on.

Design & Warranties

Because we’re part of a larger franchise system, we have access to technical expertise that includes engineering and architectural drafting. A small, independent contractor doesn’t have those critical resources. Additionally, our in-house design consultants are trained on structural design, material choices, best pricing options, as well as best use of space. They also offer advice on what not to do based on problems we have run across in the past. The depth of the advice we will provide almost always results in a better project overall than you would come up with on your own.

How much does an Archadeck of Nashville project cost?

Finally, no other builder in the area offers the warranties we do. We stand behind our work, and if you have a problem with something we build, you know where to find us. Archadeck provides 3 kinds of warranties on all of our projects:

  • An “edge-to-edge” warranty covering all materials and labor for a period of one year.
  • A structural warranty covering structural issues for 5 years.
  • A builder’s warranty from a 3rd party assuring you that if we become unable to build your project, another Archadeck office will step in and complete your project.
  • Not to mention our extended labor warranties as part of our Archadeck and TimberTech/AZEK partnership. Our labor warranties will also match TimberTech’s lengthy product warranties.

Firm Completion Guarantee

No other outdoor living space contractor in the area offers a firm completion guarantee except Archadeck of Nashville. What does a completion guarantee mean, you may ask? It means when you sign a contract with Archadeck of Nashville, your project is automatically covered by this completion guarantee. If anything were to happen to Archadeck of Nashville, the National Guarantee Corporation would step in to make sure the job was completed by another Archadeck builder. Not just completed, but completed to the agreed-upon specifications of your contract.

How much does an Archadeck of Nashville project cost?

If you select another builder for your project, and they go belly-up before it’s completed, you’ll be left high and dry. In this scenario, you don’t even need to assume the builder has bad intentions. They could have the best of intentions but become ill or otherwise incapacitated. They could hit a run of bad luck or have financial troubles and go out of business. Regardless of what might happen to prevent them from completing your job, you would need to start over with another builder and lose the money you paid the first contractor.

Is going with the cheapest price for your project really worth the risk?

Almost every month we get a call from someone who wants us to finish a project that someone else started – often it’s a guy they found on Craigslist or someone from their church who does this work on the side. Invariably something always goes wrong on these projects, or the builder just vanishes, and the customer is left with a mess. Often we can’t salvage the work that has already been done, and we have to tear it down and start again. Which essentially answers the moral of this story.

How much does an Archadeck of Nashville project cost?

Taking all these factors to mind, is choosing the least expensive builder really worth all the risks associated with saving a few dollars? With an Archadeck of Nashville project you are not only paying for a high-quality, beautiful structure, you also pay for the peace of mind of knowing that your project is going to be done right the first time and by a builder who stands behind their work.

Contact us today to schedule a design consultation and see what the Archadeck Difference is all about!