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Archadeck of Nashville is the Local Builder with a Firm Completion Guarantee

If all other things were equal, wouldn’t you choose the contractor that provides a 100 percent guarantee that your project will be completed? And wouldn’t you choose a locally-owned and operated design-and-build company over one that’s run by folks in some other state? In both cases, Archadeck of Nashville is the company in Nashville to choose.

  • Every Archadeck of Nashville contract includes a 3rd-party completion guarantee.
  • We are locally owned in Nashville, and we design and build outdoor living structures throughout the greater Nashville area.

What’s a 3rd-party Completion Guarantee?

No other outdoor living contractor in the Nashville area offers a written completion guarantee. Archadeck of Nashville does. What does that mean? It means when you sign a contract with Archadeck of Nashville, your project is automatically covered by this completion guarantee. If anything were to happen to Archadeck of Nashville, the National Guarantee Corporation would step in to make sure the job was completed by another Archadeck builder. Not just completed, but completed to the agreed-upon specifications of your contract with Archadeck of Nashville.

This unique completion guarantee is one of the benefits of working with Archadeck of Nashville to build your deck, porch, patio or combination of outdoor living structures.

If you select another builder for your project, and if they go belly-up before it’s completed, you’ll be left high and dry. In this scenario, you don’t even need to assume the builder has bad intentions. They could have the best of intentions but become ill or otherwise incapacitated. They could hit a run of bad luck or have financial troubles and go out of business. Regardless of what might happen to prevent them from completing your job, you would need to start over with another builder. You would lose the money you paid the first contractor.

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National Guarantee Corporation is an independent company funded by Archadeck’s entire franchise system. NGC’s sole purpose is to step in to fulfill the obligations of any local Archadeck office, if needed. First, NGC would pay another Archadeck builder to complete your project per your contract with Archadeck of Nashville. Second, NGC would also cover our workmanship and structural warranties for two years. This type of guarantee provides peace of mind, similar to a bond or insurance, but the difference is you don’t pay extra for this protection. It’s not an optional protection you only receive if you “opt in.” The NGC completion guarantee is automatically included with every Archadeck project—at no additional cost.

You won’t get this completion guarantee from anyone but Archadeck. Most homeowners wouldn’t think a guarantee like this is even available. It’s one of many reasons you should choose Archadeck of Nashville for your outdoor living project.

When You Work with Archadeck, You ARE Buying Local

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My name is Russell Henderson, and I live in the Nashville area and support and build in our local communities. I own and operate Archadeck of Nashville. When we say Archadeck of Nashville is locally-owned and operated, that’s exactly what we mean. It’s a simple fact.

Do you prefer to support local businesses? Choose Archadeck of Nashville. Want a builder who is nearby, someone you know where to find if you need to? Here we are! You can’t get any more “local” than Archadeck of Nashville. We’re as local as they come.

Being part of the Archadeck/Outdoor Living Brands franchise system gives us more power to serve you, not less. Archadeck of Nashville has access to resources that other local contractors don’t. If your project is complex and requires the expertise of a qualified engineer, Archadeck headquarters has an engineer we can consult at any point. Our architectural drawings are prepared by professional draftsmen using the latest software. Within our network of Archadeck design consultants, we share best practices and proven innovations with each other. As a local design-and-build firm with access to the resources of a larger corporation, Archadeck of Nashville can serve you in ways that no other local builder can.

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Notice we began this article by saying. “If all other things were equal …” Truth be told, all other things are not equal. In addition to being a local company with a completion guarantee and national resources, we stand out with top design skills and high-quality craftsmanship. You can’t go wrong when you have Archadeck of Nashville custom design and build your outdoor living structures.

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Let Archadeck of Nashville design and build that outdoor project you’ve been dreaming about. Contact us today to learn more by calling the number shown to the right, or send us an email at

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