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Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville

What’s new in outdoor living? What’s hot, and what’s not? At Archadeck of Nashville, we can create the perfect custom outdoor living design for you, whether you favor cutting edge trends or more traditional styles.

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

Outdoor living spaces are usually long-term investments that homeowners plan to enjoy for years to come. Archadeck of Nashville won’t box you in with a deck, porch or patio design that may feel dated in a year or two. At the same time, fresh design trends can give you great ideas that reflect your tastes and enhance your outdoor living space. If a trending design idea increases your outdoor living enjoyment, grab hold of it and we’ll make it work for your space!

Let’s take a look at trends in outdoor living space design that stand out this year.

1. Outdoor Living Spaces See Everyday Activity; They’re Not Just For Entertaining Anymore!

With various family members working from home and others focused on remote schooling, have your outdoor living spaces recently seen more action than usual? If you haven’t expanded outward in your search for more at-home areas to use in a variety of ways, now may be the time.

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

Moving on from the pandemic, we don’t need to leave behind our new appreciation for all the ways we can spread out across our livable spaces. Indoors and out, many of us have enjoyed working from home and may hold onto that option if it’s feasible. Who can deny that spending time outdoors – whether you’re working or relaxing – can boost a person’s outlook on life? A little change of scenery can go a long way. And what’s more convenient than having that “change of scenery” close at hand, just outside your back door?

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

If you didn’t invest in enlarging or remodeling your outdoor living space during the pandemic, it’s not too late. The benefits will carry through, long after the days of quarantine and social distancing are a distant memory. There are plenty of ways you can make your outdoor space functional for more everyday activities than just lounging and dining. How about a flexible outdoor space for home office use, online yoga classes and more?

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

Your choice of amenities will enter into this equation, too! What Amenities Will Go Into the Making of Your Nashville Dream Deck? Consider adding a pergola for shade over your new deck or patio. Deck and patio lighting provides ambiance and enhances your safety after dark. Update your railings for flair and increased visibility. Choose a top rail that’s low-maintenance and splinter-free. Let us improve your deck’s traffic flow with better stair placement and strategic grill placement. Add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to transition from daytime activities to nighttime enjoyment outdoors, any day of the week.

2. Where You Have Room To Go Big, Go Big!

If you have the space on your property to expand your outdoor living areas, this version of remodeling will pay for itself over the years. How? First, spreading out gives you more ways to enjoy the outdoors. When you spend more time in your outdoor living spaces, you will find yourself enjoying your indoor spacesmore, too. No longer will you feel like you’ve been staring at the same four walls all day, every day. There is a lot to be said for a complete change of scenery – especially when you can work it into your everyday routine without leaving home. Today’s bigger and better outdoor living spaces are not just for weekends and special occasions.

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

How many ways could you enjoy your outdoor living space if you had more of it? The combination of an enclosed porch and an open-to-the-sky deck gives you the best of all worlds at once. Or how about a full outdoor living room with comfortable seating gathered around an outdoor fireplace? Add an outdoor kitchen with all the indoor conveniences brought out into the fresh air. Too exposed? A few privacy screens can create the intimacy you crave even as you expand your space to enjoy outdoors.

Then, if you decide to sell your home in the years after you increase your outdoor living footprint, home buyers will appreciate your efforts. Larger and multi-functional outdoor living areas are a huge draw for home buyers these days. The more this “living large” outdoor trend grows, the more those buyers will expect to see it when house hunting in the future.

3. From Outdoor Home Office to Outdoor Home Theater, Electronics Readiness Is Required

If there’s one thing we all learned during the pandemic, it’s that we can never have enough electrical outlets in our outdoor spaces. Gone are the days when you just needed to plug in a lamp and a boom box on the deck or screened porch. Today’s everyday outdoor retreat spaces need printer hook-ups and ports for charging your personal electronics – for work-related as well as leisure uses. Think about smart TVs, sound systems, infrared heaters, multiple ceiling fans, recessed lighting for ambiance and safety … and more. We are now wiring the outdoor spaces we build for all the needs we can anticipate, and those we cannot yet imagine. All of our expanded outdoor living spaces need reliable WIFI connections, too.

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

You can still choose to power down for some quality time, when you want to unplug. That’s always an option!

4. Nashville Outdoor Living Design Trends Feature Geometric Patterns & Neutral Color Palettes

Whether you’re adding a new paver patio or deck, or replacing a well-loved and well-worn outdoor living space, geometric designs are taking center stage. Your Archadeck of Nashville design professionals are skilled at using deck and patio materials to create geometric spaces with clean, uncluttered lines. For decks, we use contrasting shades of low-maintenance boards with designs such as picture framing, ribbons and diagonals. For patios, the various sizes and shapes of modular pavers within each color family also lend themselves to tidy geometric designs. The effects may even be subliminal. You may not know what it is about these outdoor areas that instantly relaxes you when you step out. (Do you think it’s all about the fresh air?)

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

Meanwhile, neutral color palettes remain in the forefront of Nashville’s custom outdoor living designs. Especially gray, still the most popular. Investing in a neutral palette for your “permanent” outdoor space allows you to add accents in your favorite colors for splashes of personality. You can reimagine your space by changing accents according to the season, special occasions and even your mood. From chair cushions and table umbrellas to container gardens with colorful blooms, color always plays well against a neutral background.

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.
A charcoal gray low-maintenance deck in Hendersonville, TN, awaits the homeowners’ placement of colorful accent pieces to set the mood.

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

Who needs throw pillows for color? Here in this Gallatin, TN, deck-and-patio combination outdoor space, chairs provide their own color.

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.
Ever stylish, these homeowners have chosen to outfit this neutral deck-and-patio combination with neutral accent pieces.

Looking for more geometric patio design ideas? Which Hardscape Structures Will You Add?

5. Tiny Outdoor Living Spaces Complement Smaller Homes

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

If you don’t have the space to expand your outdoor living areas, your Archadeck of Nashville outdoor design specialists can help you think small! Are you a city dweller with limited outdoor expansion possibilities? We have an array of design ideas to maximize your outdoor space by increasing its versatility and functionality. Strategic stair placement is essential in smaller deck and porch design. A bump-out area for the grill gives you unimpeded space for traffic flow. And the more people you have on your deck or porch, the more you will appreciate the utility of drink rails. Let us help you make the most of the space you have available.

Outdoor Living Season Is Already Upon Us, So Don’t Delay In Giving Us A Call!

Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in Nashville.

Whether you’re adding a simple deck or a combination of several outdoor living structures, we would love to design and build your project. Why wait? Contact Archadeck of Nashville today to schedule a design consultation for your new or expanded outdoor living space.