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Which Hardscape Structures Will You Add?

Our custom patios and hardscapes are a work of art

When planning the ideal patio for their home, many homeowners want to add another hardscape structure or two, creating a complete outdoor room. Is that an option you’re considering?

Patios with Pavers: Designing Your Nashville Hardscapes

Whether you’ve been looking at patios with fire pits, fireplaces, or outdoor kitchens, Archadeck of Nashville can help you explore options to create your ideal patio. We have designed and built every hardscape configuration and combination you could dream of. Our design process includes customizing each patio specifically for the style of the client’s home, their aesthetic preferences, and the features of their landscape.

We start by helping our clients select patio pavers that will complement their home. With so many paver styles to choose from, homeowners can always find pavers that fit their vision of the ideal hardscape. A great many of our paver patios feature Belgard pavers. Belgard offers classic paver designs along with modern, innovative paver styles, literally something for everyone’s tastes. We do work with other paver brands, too, so if you have your eye on a specific paver style, be sure to let your Archadeck design consultant know.

Patios with Fireplaces Beckon to Family and Friends

For some homeowners, a patio isn’t complete without an outdoor fireplace. For others, that design combination is a concept they’re noticing for the first time—and they like it! A patio is always a favorite gathering place for family and friends, and when you add a fireplace to the setting, they’ll love it even more. There is something about sitting outdoors and gazing into a fire that’s irresistible. We build outdoor fireplaces that burn either wood or gas, whichever you prefer.

Patio with custom fireplace

Most clients say their preferred location for an outdoor fireplace is the edge of the patio, not across the back yard. At Archadeck of Nashville we recognize that the fireplace itself, paired with a beautiful paver patio, becomes part of the décor. A fireplace at the edge of your patio can provide some degree of privacy, too—like a privacy screen, only better!

Patios with Firepits, the Most Cost-effective Options

If an outdoor fireplace is too expensive for your budget, a fire pit can be an excellent alternative. During our initial hardscape design consultations, many homeowners want to include an outdoor fireplace—until we discuss costs. A fireplace added to your patio might cost $15,000 or more. Adding a fire pit, however, might cost around $2,000. That puts everything into perspective for the more budget-conscious homeowners.

Fire pits are cost effective and versatile

Our hardscape designs with fire pits are extremely popular. One advantage to having a fire pit instead of a fireplace, other than cost, is the round seating configuration a fire pit allows. With a fire pit, your group can gather all the way around, making room for more people than could sit comfortably in front of a fireplace. Patios with built in fire pits can also introduce another hardscape design element, the seating wall. Whether you add a seating wall or simply pull up more chairs for your guests, everyone will enjoy your patio with an outdoor fire feature.

Patios with Outdoor Kitchens Delight Homeowners Everywhere

We can cook up an amazing custom patio and outdoor kitchen design just for you

Around the Nashville area, more and more homeowners are adding outdoor kitchens to their hardscape designs. Outdoor kitchens add functionality to a patio no matter how small or large your kitchen area. For many, a patio with an extended hardscape that includes an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate patio and hardscape combination.

If your family enjoys dining on the patio every evening the weather will allow, you might want a patio featuring an outdoor kitchen. The great thing about designing an outdoor kitchen is the variety of appliances and features available. Depending on your budget and the size of your outdoor living space, you can expand your outdoor kitchen design or scale it back. Dream big to add more amenities and counter space, or scale it back to keep it simple and rein in costs.

Patios with Walls Add Versatility

A frequent addition to paver patios is a low wall that can serve more than one purpose. Paver companies like Belgard produce stone-like blocks that complement their patio pavers. Together the blocks and pavers create a beautiful hardscape outdoor living area.

Paver patios can be combined with other custom structures to make a big impact

Sometimes serving as a true retaining wall, and sometimes primarily decorative, this low wall can also function as seating. How very convenient to have seating built into your patio design! Another option is to use the wall as a setting for your favorite outdoor plants and container gardens. If you don’t want to give up your seating for a place to set plants, consider the option offered by patios with planters. We can construct planters as part of your hardscape design so the plants aren’t in danger of being shoved aside.

Patios with Steps Where Steps are Needed

Not all patios need steps, but when they do, the steps themselves become a hardscape design element. As part of a patio and hardscape design, steps can serve several functions. The first is obvious; steps provide access from the patio to the yard or to an adjacent structure. But that’s not all! Steps that fan outward from a curvilinear patio are inviting as a place to sit. A wide step design also invites plants! A series of container gardens in large pots placed on each step is appealing to those who prefer to keep their gardening close at hand.

Archadeck of Nashville knows patios

Whatever patio and hardscape designs you have in mind, Archadeck of Nashville brings the design skills to create a cohesive hardscape outdoor living space. We also have the technical expertise as an ICPI certified paver patio builder to design a patio free of pooling water and drainage issues. We’d love to bring your dream patio and hardscapes to life!

Contact us today to schedule your hardscape design consultation. You can also reach us by phone and we will get in touch with you very shortly.

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