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What Is A Screened In Deck And Why Would I Want One?

At Archadeck of Central SC we listen. We are attentive to ensuring our clients’ desires and functional needs are met with each custom project we build. Sometimes this requires a proactive approach to the design. An important part of being proactive about our customers’ needs is to stay abreast of the outdoor living space trends they ask about. One such trend we are hearing clients mention and seeing more inquiries for is a “screened in deck.” Have you ever heard of one? If your answer is “no,” you are not alone. Up until recently, we had not heard this terminology either. After a great deal of research, digging around and lots of questions, this is what our team came up with…

Cozy custom screened porch

What is in a name?

The term “screened in deck” is often used loosely to describe a screened porch or screened patio. Depending on what part of the country you hail from, certain outdoor structures may go by various names. For example, Floridians often use the term “lanai” to describe a screened porch. In Texas, a patio is often called a deck or even a porch. By the same token, structures called by various names such as pagoda, arbor, gazebo or pergola can be one and the same. Getting to the root of what type of outdoor structure our clients are looking for is as simple as listening to their outdoor living language. Archadeck of Central SC is fluent in this language.

What is a screened in deck?

Backyard screened porch

By tapping into the outdoor living language of our customers, we were able to discern the proper definition of a screened in deck. A screened in deck is a deck that has been turned into a screened in porch. They are often referred to as “deck to screened porch conversions.” Over the years, this type of conversion has been a hot-ticket item among homeowners in our area. In addition to converting a deck to a screened porch, we also receive many requests to turn an open porch into a screened porch.

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Why would I want a screened in deck?

By screening in all or a portion of your deck, you can extend the use of your back yard almost year-round. The addition of screens will also keep nuisance insects from invading your space and will deter a certain amount of dirt, debris and allergens.

Interior view of screened porch

In the same way our lifestyles can change, outdoor living needs can also change. A beloved deck that was once the center of recreation in the back yard can become a spot rarely visited. This is because of simple changes in the way you want to live outdoors. Maybe the kids have grown up or gone away to college, or your preferences have shifted toward a protected space rather than an open space. No matter the reason behind your changing needs, your backyard deck may be a candidate for conversion to better accommodate your needs. In some cases, we may be able to upgrade or convert an existing deck or patio to a covered porch, screened porch or sunroom.

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Can I convert my deck to a screened in deck (porch)?

Workers measuring woodThe answer to this question is maybe, because there are many structural factors that come into play. The first consideration is whether the existing deck structure can support the weight of a screened room. A roof is heavy. Framing and shingles can add thousands of pounds. The primary factor in determining if the deck can support this weight is the deck’s foundation. It is imperative that the posts supporting the deck are set in adequate footings.

Another important consideration is the condition of the existing deck. When you build a screened porch, you should expect it to last for years. It would not make sense to build the porch on a deck that was nearing the end of its useful life. If the decking boards are showing signs of wear and age, and if the framing is sound, the decking boards can be pulled up and replaced. However, for the reasons we have outlined, it often makes more sense to build the screened porch from scratch. This would mean removing the aging deck and starting afresh.

Looking for a screened in deck contractor?

If you are searching for a “screened in deck company near me,” Archadeck of Central SC is the area’s premier choice. We would love to help you determine if a screened in deck is an option for you. We can come to your home for a free design consultation to evaluate your existing structure. Just give us a call at (803) 784-1566 or drop us an email at

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