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Screened porch & 3-season room?

Custom screened porch

Screened porches and 3-season rooms are two popular outdoor rooms we build at Archadeck of Central SC. We are often asked to differentiate between the two structures. What constitutes a screened porch? What is the true definition of a 3-season room in central South Carolina?

What are screened porches called?

Interpretation is sometimes cloudy when it comes to screened porches and 3-season rooms. This is because these designations could be different, depending on where you live and even which builder you ask. In some parts of the country, you might find that builders consider screened porches to be 3-season rooms. At Archadeck of Central SC, we define them separately, but they are not mutually exclusive. We might also call a screened porch a screened room, outdoor room, or screened-in porch.

Screened porch vs. 3-season room

Custom three season room with backyard view

By our definition, a screened porch is simply a roofed porch with screened walls. Screened porches are perfect for keeping insects at bay and can also be used in less-than-perfect weather. They offer protection from the elements with an open-air feel. Archadeck of Central SC screened porches can be completely customized to your design and outdoor living specifications. You can choose a rustic, traditional screened porch with wood framing and flooring or more elaborate finishes such as ceramic tile floors, finished wood ceilings, and outdoor fireplaces. No matter your need, Archadeck of Central SC can accommodate.

A 3-season room is a screened porch, but with a little something extra. With the addition of vinyl windows, your screened porch takes on the air of a sunroom, without the commitment of building an actual sunroom home addition. With Eze-Breeze windows, you’ll be protected from the elements. You can enclose your screened porch on cool, sunny days to create a solarium. On mild days, you can slide the windows open, revealing up to 75% screens, to allow pleasant breezes to flow through your room.

Screened porch addition vs. 3-season room addition

Custom three season room with backyard view

Choosing between a screened porch and a 3-season room depends on your intended use. Do you simply wish to use your space on mild-weather days, or those that are minimally inclement? Or would you rather have more hours and increased usability of your screened space with the added protection of windows? It really comes down to your true needs for the way you want to use your space. If you long to be outdoors on sunny days too cool to enjoy on your deck or patio, a screened porch with windows is a must!