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Upgrading Your Deck or Patio to a Covered or Screened Porch or Sunroom

Archadeck of Central SC can help you expand use of your builder-grade patio or deck by adapting it to a covered, protected outdoor sanctuary.

Cozy large open porch with white railing

South Carolinians are wising up to their outdoor living choices and seeing the benefits of converting their existing basic backyard space into an actual living space. Outdoor living is about so much more than jaunting out your back door for a quick session in front of the grill, only to bring the food back inside to eat! Columbia outdoor living is about enjoying grilling, surrounded by loved ones in a space that can accommodate dining, relaxing and entertaining family and friends. Archadeck of Central South Carolina is here to guide you through converting your builder-grade deck or patio into a space that will invite you outdoors and make you want to stay!

Is a Columbia screened porch or open porch more to your taste?

Custom cozy deck and open porch

Open porches, as in covered porches without walls or screens, are a great solution when you would like an outdoor living area that is open-air but protected from sun and rain. Having an open porch atop your walk-out patio is a great solution for upgrading your outdoor living space. Having open sides with ease of access to your backyard might be your preference if you have children or pets who frequently traverse the spaces. Covered porches can be very stylish and attractive. They can accommodate electric hook-ups for ceiling fans, lights, speakers and even TVs. If this sounds like your cup of sweet tea, then a covered porch is right for you!

Custom backyard deck and screened porch with white railing

Screened porches are preferred by families who are looking for all of the benefits of protection from weather, with an added benefit of protection from insects and even birds. Screen technology is such that they can be custom fit to your structure to provide absolute full protection from creepy-crawly-things, while giving you an unimpeded view from your screened area. Screened porches are great places to mount a TV on the wall, or over a fireplace. Note that adding a fireplace will give you even more time each year in your screened porch! Screened areas create great flex spaces. Create an eat-in space for overflow dinner seating for holidays or parties or have a great rainy-day outdoor play area for the kids.

Columbia sunrooms take outdoor living to another level for South Carolinians!

Woman sitting on couch with cup of drink

Do you long for good ol’ vitamin D on cold winter days? Do you wish you had a space that stayed warm and cozy in the cooler months with the feeling of being outdoors? Are you looking for a truly custom way to spend time in your home without feeling cramped and shut in? Well, Archadeck of Central SC has a solution for you! Columbia, SC, sunrooms are becoming extremely popular for these reasons and more. Your sunroom can offer you a comfortable space where you are surrounded by but completely protected from the elements. Your sunroom can be heated or cooled and become your own indoor-outdoor place of respite or celebration. Watch TV, read a book, entertain guests, dine in, nap in, have conversations with those you love…and you get year-round usage of this space!

Wait a minute – can my deck become a covered or screened porch or sunroom?

Well, that’s a great question! Our honest answer is, possibly. You see, there are criteria that dictate our ability to do an actual conversion, rather than tear down and rebuild. Depending on the condition of your deck, as well as the original build quality, we can potentially reinforce the deck structure and build directly atop it. Archadeck of Central South Carolina are building experts. We will inspect the condition and integrity of your deck and give you honest solutions for converting or replacing it. In many cases, it can be done!

Cozy screened porch

You can learn more about the criteria we look at to determine if your deck is a candidate for a screened porch or outdoor room conversion here: Our deck-to-screened-porch conversions accentuate the positive while eliminating the negative aspects of outdoor living!

If you are ready to upgrade your basic backyard deck or patio to a custom porch, screened porch or sunroom, call us to set up a free design consultation visit and let’s get started together. You can reach us by phone at (803) 784-1566.

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