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Turning Empty Backyards Into Covered Porch Outdoor Living Room Wonderlands In Sunnyvale TX

There are extraordinary outdoor living space combination projects in Sunnyvale, Texas, and there is this one. WOW – or more aptly put, WOWIE KAZOWIE.

During their complimentary outdoor living space design consultation, this Sunnyvale family met with our Northeast Dallas Southlake porch and patio experts to brainstorm about an open air covered porch they had always dreamt of. They had a huge and wide-reaching backyard turf of emerald green lawn, but that was it.

Our Sunnyvale design team changed that – in a big way.

There Are Covered Open Porches, Patios And Outdoor Living Rooms –And Then There Is This Archadeck Masterpiece

Excuse us for boasting, but c’mon – just look at this stunning backyard transformation.

The hardscape foundation for this Sunnyvale outdoor oasis is an Archadeck stamp and stain patio porch base measuring 25 feet wide by 27 feet deep with an open gable roof end to facilitate the flow of gentle Sunnyvale breezes to cool and comfort family members when enjoying their leisure backyard times.

The sheer size of it allows the family to enjoy a multitude of activities in one cohesive open air space – protected from potentially harmful UV rays with a covered roof fashioned out of tongue and groove.

Granbury Chopped Stone In Gray Is Just One Of The Stars In This Transformation

Supporting the new structure at the far left end, we used multi-tonal Granbury Chopped Stone with striations of grey, white and earth tones.

Granbury Stone is a quarry chopped stone which is a very dense, strong and durable limestone, that is less prone to staining. It patinas over time to enrich the color of this precious hardscape material.

The stone had an even more major role in this creation as it was used for the fireplace and hearth wall as well as for the outdoor kitchen foundation and the four-seater bar.

Notice the two seasoned wood fireboxes on either side of the 20 foot by 6 foot gas fireplace that ensure that a healthy supply of wood is readily available for those chilly Sunnyvale evenings.

The gorgeous mantle atop it all is handcrafted out of Douglas Fir with a 5 foot seat wall on each side of the wood boxes.

Across from the fireplace finds the family relaxing and sharing joyous conversations in the four-seater overstuffed cushion suite, crafted out of durable performance fabric for long life and easy care.

Vintage Style Stools Beautifully Accent The Robust Colors Of The Granbury Chopped Stone Bar

The matte black metal base stools welcome visitors to chat with the family chefs while they prepare grilled and smoked meats – Texas style – in this outdoor kitchen.

Our design team installed a 16-foot Hibachi-style shaped kitchen, without a back splash, to facilitate conversations with the grill masters more easily.

A Hibachi-style outdoor kitchen refers to an outdoor cooking setup that incorporates a hibachi grill as the central element. A hibachi is a traditional Japanese heating device, and in the context of outdoor kitchens, it usually refers to a small, portable charcoal or gas grill. These grills are known for their simplicity, compact size, and the ability to cook food at high temperatures.

In an outdoor kitchen setting, a hibachi-style setup typically includes a designated cooking area with a built-in hibachi grill. The kitchen design often incorporates elements like a sturdy countertop for food preparation, storage space for utensils and ingredients, and seating or dining areas nearby. The focus is on creating a functional and stylish outdoor space for cooking, grilling, and enjoying meals with a hibachi grill as the centerpiece.

Sunnyvale Covered Porches And Patios With Limestone Accents Are Just One Example Of Our Combination Outdoor Living Space Mastery

Archadeck has wonderful designs on your outdoor living future. To find out more, call local franchise owners and chief design consultants, Agustin and Amanda Garza, at 972-433-7526. Even easier, you can connect with them right now by clicking this link to schedule a complimentary design consultation – for any combination outdoor living space your heart desires.

Agustin and Amanda Garza, Owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake.