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A Double Deep Outdoor Living Space Provides Twice The Luxury In Mesquite, Texas

Exiting the rear of this home, you find yourself stepping onto a stain and stamp pattern that is truly very unique. So unique, this is an original creation from our design team.

mesquite tx covered patio under deck space

With peaks and valleys of a captivating three-dimensional hardscape patio underfoot, this quaint enclave of an outdoor living area holds more than one surprise for visitors and guests as they venture out further into the backyard.

A Nestled Outdoor Seating Area Evolves Into A Horizon Of Expanded Outdoor Living Comfort And Space

Strolling with a sense of architectural wonder toward the rear of the backyard, the vista unfolds with the continuance of the variegated platinum and charcoal black tones underfoot.

mesquite tx covered patio addition

A glance up toward the sky reveals that one is well protected from the outdoor elements with a perfectly crafted gable roof, that thrusts boldly into the generous lawn landscape.

With creatively pronounced decorative truss details, this covered patio takes the art of the gable roof to a whole new level. As the width of the structure is impressive to look at, so is the artful detail that comprises its overhead coverage.

Open Ended Covered Patio Allows The Fresh Air To Cool And Soothe, An Escape From Being Cooped Up Indoors

As wonderful as interior air conditioning is, there is nothing quite like the tranquil refreshing nature of outdoor breezes. The trick is to be able to enjoy them without exposing yourself to the intense rays of the sun or precipitation from falling rain while remaining outside.

side view of mesquite covered patio

This expansive covered porch patio design does just that. With an outdoor living furniture suite strategically placed in the center of the outreaching space, outdoor living lovers can stay comfortable no matter what the weather brings.

Overhead Covered Patio Porch Protection With An Eye For Aesthetic Beauty And Modern Convenience

With a covered patio foundation this intricate, interesting, and beautiful, it deserves an overhead cover just as luxe and impressive.

patio extension and covered patio in mesquite tx

Our solution? A pine Tongue + Groove ceiling, finish stained with Dark Walnut, and trimmed with Hardie board accents painted to match the house.

Within the ceiling, we added electric conduit to accommodate a sweeping overhead fan and recessed lighting.

Ready To Get Creative With Your Outdoor Living Plans?

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Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.

Agustin & Amanda Garza, owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas.