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Our Recent Deck and Pergola Addition in Irving, TX, Proves How the RIGHT Deck Can Change Everything!

This property in Irving, TX is literally the picture of tranquility. The moment Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake stepped into the backyard the peaceful charm of the neighborhood and the shade the surrounding trees provide was palpable. We immediately understood the reason the homeowners had asked us to update their existing outdoor space — and we could see the potential of this backyard!

Custom deck with pergola and floating bench

Upon arriving for our initial design consultation the homeowners shared with us their need to make the backyard not only more aesthetically appealing, but also the need to update the space for safety. Their existing paver patio had begun to shift due to movement from the tree roots just under the surface. This movement was leading to the patio becoming a trip and fall hazard, which in turn made it difficult for them to utilize the area with confidence.

Old backyard space
— Before

Replace a Patio with a Deck? — Yes!

Where many builders may have just suggested the addition of another hardscape space, Archadeck thinks outside the box. Inevitably, it is feasible that just adding another patio to the same area could lead to the same uplift or cracking down the road due to the roots of the trees present on, and surrounding the property. It is even a safe bet that other builders may have even suggested the tree located in the backyard be removed to ensure no future encroachment. Our designers realized the ambiance, shade and beauty the tree provided to not only the backyard but also to the home. We also know that installing another patio was just not the solution. Factoring each element and listening to the homeowner’s desires carefully, and thoughtfully, we suggested a new deck addition instead.

Custom deck with pergola and floating bench

Once the design was finalized we broke ground on creating the new backyard oasis. Our first order of business to remove all the existing pavers and get the area level. During the removal of the pavers, we were careful to salvage as many as we could as they are being repurposed in an alternate location as part of the new finalized project. In addition to leveling out the area Archadeck also carefully ground down the tree roots of the tree — while keeping the ultimate health and survival of the conifer in mind.

The Right Deck

Once all the groundwork and preparation were completed, Archadeck then installed the new low-to-grade deck. We used all low-maintenance TimberTech decking on this addition. These beautiful soft colors come from the TimberTech Edge Collection. The space showcases the colors Tidal Sand on the main deck area and Beachwood Gray on the accent areas.The homeowners agree that the color blend showcases the home perfectly.

Custom deck with pergola and floating bench

Notice how Archadeck of NE-Dallas-Southlake was able to integrate the oak tree into the actual deck design leaving enough room for future growth so as to compromise the health of the tree (or the deck). The custom bench seating you see on the deck was built using the same TimberTech decking as was used on the deck itself. This little extra adds depth to the design and additional seating without having to add more furnishings.

The Perfect Pergola

Pergola and floating bench on deck

Taking the updated backyard design a step farther, we added a custom cedar pergola. The pergola was built using 6 × 6 posts and the entire structure was stained in walnut to add contrast to the soft colors of the deck, and home. The use of larger posts gives the pergola a “beefier” more substantial look. We did have to brace the pergola against the fence to ensure no uplift and to strengthen the support due to the span.

Repurpose(ful) Patio

Last but certainly not least — remember the pavers we salvaged from the existing patio? Here they are reinstalled between the deck and fence creating a cohesive finishing touch to the main project space. We even added a charming soldier course border to the edge making a clean transition from the deck to the property’s fence.

Custom deck with pergola and floating bench

Archadeck also finished off the new backyard by adding a gravel surround and refurbishment of their backyard flower beds.

Contact us today at (972) 433-7526 to schedule your design consultation. The consultation is free but the rewards a new space from Archadeck provides are priceless.

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