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Could a Screened Porch Addition Give You More Time Outdoors?

At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we firmly believe you should be able to enjoy the outdoors at home while staying protected from pesky insects. Homeowners often find the best protection is a screened porch!

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is your screened porch designer and builder in the Northeast Dallas area. We have worked with numerous homeowners who had a porch they enjoyed immensely but wanted it screened in. Many a client has said, “we could use our porch so much more if we had screens!” Does that sound familiar to you?

Custom screened porch

The two projects pictured here illustrate the versatile ways we can add screened protection to an existing porch. One is a second-story screened porch/balcony in Sunnyvale, TX. The other is a ground-level screened patio in Rockwall, TX. In both cases, the homeowners loved their outdoor space and the beautiful views they overlook. We worked with them to create the protected spaces they needed to fully enjoy the outdoors at home.

Sunnyvale, TX, Screened Porch off Master Bedroom

Who wouldn’t love a screened porch off their master bedroom? These homeowners had double-decker porches on the back of their home. The existing structure was a second-story porch with a partially-covered patio below. The homeowners enjoyed having a covered porch—or balcony—off of the master bedroom with a fabulous view. All too often, though, insects drove them indoors. They needed protection!

Old backyard porch
— Before

The Sunnyvale, TX, homeowners called on Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake to transform their upstairs porch into a screened porch. We used SCREENEZE for the screens and kept the cable rail that was already there as part of the original porch. Cable railing functions as a guard rail for safety without blocking the view. The cedar frames we used match the house, and the aluminum framing was painted to match as well.

New backyard porch
— After

Our clients say the screened porch is now the perfect spot to sit outside, read a book and enjoy the view. As you can tell from this project, a screened porch doesn’t have to be placed off a living room or den to be effective.

Rockwall, TX, Patio-to-Screened-Porch Conversion

Our clients in Rockwall, TX, had a large covered patio outside their living room. Tired of pesky insects invading their outdoor space and disrupting their down-time on the patio, they called Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake to add screens.

Backyard screened porch
— This project was screened using SCREENEZE in bronze.

For this project, we used SCREENEZE in bronze. These darker screens will filter out some of the direct sunlight coming into the porch for a part of each day. The homeowners chose to have their cedar framing stained instead of painted. As a design element, the framing for a screened room—whether it’s wood, aluminum or vinyl—can be stained or painted to blend with the home.

View from inside of screened porch
Screened porch interior view
— Interior of new screened room.

In addition to adding screens, we also added a PCA door going into the house from the porch. Our Rockwall, TX, clients are delighted with their insect-free screened-in outdoor space. They are already using the porch more often than they were able to use it before we added the screening.

Would a screened porch make your time outdoors more enjoyable? Contact us today at (972) 433-7526 to schedule your design consultation. The consultation is free but the rewards a new space from Archadeck provides are priceless.

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