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Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake has a concrete stain and stamp patio just for you

What if we told you that your new Dallas patio could look as great as those expensive flagstone or paver patios you’ve seen, but for a significantly lower price? What if we showed you the photos to prove it?

It’s true. Here at Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, one of our most popular outdoor living designs is the concrete stain and stamp patio. Have you seen it? Let us introduce you to the unique ways you can customize the design of your concrete patio to give it the look you want — from simple and elegant to bold or over the top.

Outdoor Fireplace
— Stained concrete patio in Rockwall, TX.

We’ll find your color — or we’ll create it.

What’s fun is that we have quite a few colors and designs to choose from. In the realm of Dallas stain and stamp patios, we operate Patio Central. We won’t stop trying to please you until we get exactly the right combination of color and stamp design. Since concrete is very mobile, colors can be hand blended on site in addition to the color that has already been added to the concrete mix.

Covered patio and outdoor kitchen
— Beautiful stained concrete patio in Coppell, TX, features a Roman Slate stamp pattern with Bone & Walnut stain. We used extra Walnut concrete stain to achieve the desired hue the homeowner had in mind.

We also have an ace up our sleeve that other Dallas patio builders don’t. We have a concrete expert on our team who is an excellent resource when it comes to getting the color stain the client is looking for. We aren’t going to tell you his name or where you can find him. Only we know.

The stain and stamp patio is like a chameleon; you can make it blend in by matching it to the color of its surroundings, or you can make it stand out by choosing a contrasting color and style.

Stain and stamp patio pattern

Will you look to nature for your stamp pattern?

When you consult with our Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake patio designer, we’ll show you a variety of stamp patterns in our portfolio, with photos of completed projects. We have over a dozen stamp styles, even three different versions of cobblestone patterns. If the patterns we have don’t completely satisfy you, we can create a custom stamp design for your patio.

With the stain and stamp process, a concrete patio can mimic natural materials such as slate and flagstone. Stamping can also mimic the popular paving stones on the market today. Whatever design you choose, you can have the look of pavers or natural stone without the expense. Or, you can go in a different direction and work with us to design a unique stamp. We can’t guarantee it will remain unique forever, because when future clients see it in our portfolio of finished projects, they’ll probably want to use it, too.

Stain and stamp patio
— This stain & stamp custom patio in Celina, TX, was built using a flagstone stamp with terracotta, black, and pecan tan stain.

Advantages of stamped concrete:

• Because of its unique texture and variations, some would argue stamped concrete is more ornate than a stone or paver patio and ranks higher on the “wow” scale.
• Stain and stamp patios are very low maintenance.
• The concrete patio can be sealed for added protection from the elements and pool chemicals.
• Sealing requirements: stain and stamp patios only need to be maintained (sealed) about every 10 years if the patio is in direct sunlight. It can hold up longer without maintenance if the patio’s location is in shade.

If you’ve been looking into Dallas concrete patios and want to venture into the world of stain and stamp patios, we can work with you to design the look you want for your outdoor living space. Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325.

Archadeck team and logo
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