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Outstanding Quality Is Important To Us And To Our Customers – Is Archadeck Right For You?

In business, it helps to know who you are, or rather who your company is. For example, the car manufacturer Tesla is an innovator. Ford, Chevy and Honda are known for reliable, comfortable cars, and Hyundai and Kia are known for their lower-priced vehicles. You wouldn’t expect to find high-end, cutting-edge innovations in a Kia any more than you would expect to buy a cheap Tesla.

Our company, Archadeck of Central South Carolina, has built a reputation for building high-quality outdoor structures (decks, patios, porches, sunrooms, etc.). I also often hear from customers that we are expensive.

Deck and Patio combination

I will be the first to admit that we will never be the cheapest builder of our outdoor living projects. If price is your main consideration, I guarantee you can find someone to build your project for a cheaper price.

When we built this business, we looked carefully at what infrastructure we needed to have in place to take care of our customers the way I believe they deserve.

How we take care of our customers at Archadeck of Central South Carolina:

  • Having someone in the office to answer the phone when our customers reach out to us.
  • Having a showroom where customers can come see and touch the kinds of materials they are considering for their projects.
  • Having design consultants who bring experience and expertise to each project to make it better.
  • Using materials, that, while they may be more expensive, we know are reliable and of a good quality.
  • Having construction managers on staff who visit each job as it is being built to make sure that the project is being built right.
  • Having well-qualified tradesmen (carpenters, masons, electricians, painters) who know how we want things built, and who we know can meet our standards.
  • Making sure that all of our tradesmen are covered by workers compensation and general liability insurance to protect our customers.
  • Carrying and honoring warranties that go above and beyond the industry norms to ensure that our customers don’t regret how their projects hold up.

Sometimes I find myself going down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out how we can reduce our costs and “be cheaper.” There are many small things we do to be considerate of our customers’ wallets. But for the big things listed above, I just cannot give any of those up for the sake of lower prices on the projects we build.

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Multi faceted outdoor living project with fire pit and elevated deck

While I think we at Archadeck of Central SC “know ourselves” in this respect, it’s important that our customers know themselves as well. If a customer’s expectations in a contractor don’t match up with how we are structured, the relationship is not going to work.

When I was young, starting a family, one of my main considerations as a consumer was price. I didn’t have much, and I had to make it stretch as far as I could. Now that I am in the later stages of my career, I have learned to value quality and dependability over price.

Lost Creek Sunroom and Deck Addition, Columbia SC

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We build projects from patios to sunrooms, at prices ranging from $8000 up to six figures. Our client’s most valuable asset is their home. I believe many consumers want their home, and their outdoor living structures, to be built with care and quality by professionals who know what they are doing. And that, I believe, is who we are.

If you are interested in having Archadeck build your outdoor project, call our office at (803) 784-1566 for a complimentary design consultation with one of our experienced designers.

Marshall Co Owner

Marshall Reu, Co-Owner and General Manager

Archadeck of Central South Carolina