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Covered Patio Becomes a Screened Porch in Lexington SC

At Archadeck of Central SC, we always consider how our clients might best “live in” their new outdoor living space. These clients were looking for the ultimate use of their back yard. We revamped their existing covered patio and added a new open patio to achieve this, but that’s not all.

Cozy corner on porch
— Lexington SC screened porch conversion.

Another consideration for our new outdoor living designs is how the homeowners and their guests will best be able to access their outdoor space. Archadeck redesigned the existing layout to improve access to the new screened porch from inside the home. To give these homeowners symmetry and flow, we moved their French doors to the center of the adjoining wall. Centering the door required that we also move the windows on either side to keep them centered as well. Seeing it now, you would never know this was not the original design. Archadeck of Central SC works diligently to create custom designs that look like they have always been there. In fact, we are known for it!

View of screened porch from inside home
— We achieved a beautiful aesthetic and better access between spaces.

Covered patio/porch to screened porch conversion

Archadeck of Central SC made a good patio into a great patio by screening it in using an aluminum and vinyl screening system. The patio was already protected above, but now these clients and their guests will never be driven indoors by biting insects. They now have a beautiful screened room in which to relax and entertain.

Screened porch view from outside
— Adding screens gives the space protection and a cozier feel within.

Custom fireplace on screened porch
— Cozy screened porch fireplace.

We applied beadboard on the ceiling, which accommodates recessed lighting and a new ceiling fan for air circulation. Ceiling fans are great for cooling off, but they can also circulate warmth from the fireplace when needed.

Screened porch headboard and ceiling with fan
— Beadboard ceiling finish with a new ceiling fan.

Of course, our custom screened porch designs are not all about what’s inside the porch. For this project, Archadeck of Central SC added brand new gutters and downspouts.

Gutters for drainage
— New gutters and proper drainage were a must for this project.

A new open patio design is the perfect accompaniment

These Lexington SC homeowners can choose to enjoy beautiful sunshine on their new open patio, accessed from the screened porch. Archadeck custom designed a curved-edge paver patio with a paver soldier course border. The open patio space is the perfect complement to the enclosed screened porch, and the two areas will work in harmony.

Patio border
- Paver patio with soldier course border.

We often accompany our screened porches with open areas so homeowners will have a designated grilling area. This patio will accommodate grilling and dining, and it looks fabulous to boot!

Patio curved border and outdoor grill
— Outdoor grilling and dining will be a breeze on the open patio.

Trust Archadeck to be your screened porch builder!

When we checked back in to see how the homeowners were liking their new outdoor living space, they told us they were enjoying it immensely. Since their neighborhood entertains often, they are looking forward to hosting a get-together very soon. They have a table and chairs out on the new patio and are anticipating having friends over to dine al fresco once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. They enjoy taking their morning coffee outdoors and love the way we centered the French doors to open up the view.

Patio dining area
— The homeowners are eager to entertain in their new space!

Archadeck of Central SC delivers high-quality custom outdoor living designs, thoughtfully planned for the way you want to live outdoors. Not only that, but our custom screened porch designs are also beautiful extensions of your interior spaces. If you are looking for an experienced Lexington SC screened porch builder, trust Archadeck of Central SC.

Screened porch interior
— The screened porch interior design is welcoming and accommodating.

Are you ready to build the new outdoor living space you have always dreamed of? Get in touch with us to schedule your free design consultation. Just give us a call at (803) 784-1566 or drop us an email at

Company team
The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu.