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Renaissance Patio Products

While there are lots of aluminum patio structures available, Renaissance Patio Products has taken the quality and simplicity of their products to a whole new level. Archadeck of Central South Carolina is excited to announce we are Columbia’s sole provider of the Renaissance line of aluminum patio covers, porches, pergolas, and sunrooms.

We come across a lot of new products related to backyard structures. Occasionally we come across something special. Renaissance Patio structures fall into that category. As the name implies, the Renaissance Patio Products lineup is designed to revitalize your home and back yard – more affordably than you might imagine. With a custom Archadeck of Central SC patio design and Renaissance Patio Products’ pergola or patio cover, your rejuvenated backyard oasis will delight you!

Patio with pergola design

Key features of these patio structures:

  • Aircraft-grade extruded aluminum alloy structural supports, 50% thicker and significantly stronger – and more attractive – than anything we have seen on the market
  • Simple but efficient designs of columns, supporting beams, roofs with gutters, and screening systems put together with both strength and function in mind
  • Incredible attention to design and details, such as …
    • All non-aluminum parts made of Xytel, an advanced nylon resin with titanium dioxide developed by 3M for the automotive industry
    • All screws with co-extruded heads made of nylon; these screws will weather better and are more attractive than standard painted screws
    • A simple, sturdy screening system with clean lines, if you want a screened outdoor room
    • Roofs with built-in gutters that are stylish and functional

One of the most surprising features of these products is that they are designed for quick, efficient installation, which means the higher cost of the top-quality materials is offset by the reduced cost of installation. These products are priced competitively compared to standard aluminum rooms, which are not nearly the same high quality.

At first glance, Renaissance pergolas are show-stopping gorgeous! These pergola designs denote classic elegance and superior quality in just one look. We are privileged to be the only company in Central South Carolina that can install these fantastic open-air shade structures for your back yard.

Patio with pergola design
Renaissance pergola design

Renaissance pergolas are not just a pretty face!

There’s more to a Renaissance Patio Products pergola that just grandeur and a striking façade. These pergola canopies are designed to allow just the right amount of light through, never shading you completely, while allowing warm air to rise and flow through the canopy louvers. Renaissance pergolas offer 40% shade protection and promote heat dissipation on your patio, perfect for sunny South Carolina summer days.

Renaissance pergolas are quality constructed for high durability and low maintenance!

What drew Archadeck of Central SC to this product was its strength and quality construction standards. While other shade covers are constructed from rolled aluminum, Renaissance uses extruded aluminum – thicker and stronger than anything else on the market – setting them apart from the pack! Renaissance pergola frames are produced entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with factory-applied powder coating on each framing member, making your pergola resistant to blistering, cracking, and fading from exposure. Know what else? These incredible shade structures are uber low-maintenance, which means no annual sanding or painting. Sit, and enjoy your pergola – you deserve it!

Featured pergola design:

Patio with pergola design

THE ARIA SHADE TRELLIS – The Aria is the most stylish, attractive and stable pergola on the market. Like the other Renaissance products, the Aria is built using heavy-gauge extruded aluminum alloy. It is maintenance-free and has sleek, clean lines. Shade pickets can be installed to allow for maximum sun or maximum shade. You can even hang a ceiling fan from the rafter structures.

Patio with pergola design

Renaissance didn’t spend all their time designing the perfect pergola. No, sir! Their stunning patio covers will have your neighbors in awe, too. Renaissance patio covers are so lovely, they look like you spent a fortune – but you won’t! These powder-coated aluminum shade structures offer a sleek and classic design aesthetic and include screw heads that match the framing. These patio covers are ready for their close-ups!

Renaissance patio covers are strong! How strong are they?

Engineered and produced in the Sunshine State, these fabulous patio covers are built to withstand the elements – and we are talking about Florida-grade sunshine, heat, and wind. Each Renaissance shade structure is engineered to withstand winds of up to 175 mph! Let’s hope you never have to put that to the test here in the Columbia area.

Are you ready to have it made in the shade?

Get in touch with Archadeck of Central SC today to discuss your new Renaissance pergola or patio cover addition! You can reach us by phone at (803) 784-1566.

I invite you to come by our showroom in downtown Columbia to look at these products. Or, meet with one of our design consultants at your home to learn how a Renaissance structure can enhance your outdoor living enjoyment.

Marshall Reu
Owner, Archadeck of Central South Carolina