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Can A Screened Porch Add Value To My Home?

Cozy sunlit screened porch

One of the most important questions clients have about adding a new screened porch is whether it will add value to their home. The “big picture” answer to this question is yes, a screened porch will add value to your home. Let’s discuss the nuances of the value-added benefits of building a new porch for your central South Carolina home.

A porch is a great way to add livable square footage to your home. Though screened porches are typically not included in the appraised square footage, they do add value. A screened porch can be a very worthy investment for your central SC home.

Screened porch return on investment

The return on investment of a screened porch varies based on geographic location. For instance, the return on investment of a porch in colder climates will typically be lower than the return on investment in mild climates. On average, you can expect about an 84% screened porch return on investment. If your screened porch investment is $20,000, you will see an average return of $16,800.

How do screened porches add value? Answer: Neighborhood comps.

Depending on your neighborhood’s standards, a screened porch can be a valuable addition. Do your neighbors have custom porches? Will homebuyers expect your home to have a screened porch if you sell your home, based on other homes’ outdoor amenities in your neighborhood? A screened porch that is built to the standards of other homes in your community will add maximum resale value if you sell your home.

Cozy custom screened porch with outdoor fireplace

Adding a screened porch that surpasses others in your neighborhood will offer a personal return on investment. When you have an amazing porch custom designed to your specifications, you will be able to enjoy your porch exactly the way you wish. You can make a choice to build your porch to your standards, for your own enjoyment, not simply for the return on investment. On the flip side, if you do decide to sell your home, it only takes one like-minded buyer to appreciate your custom porch upgrades. Your screened porch could be so fabulous and unexpected that it tips the scale for home buyers who are seeking luxury.

How do screened porches add value to a home? Value-added outdoor living.

Couple enjoying deck view

At Archadeck of Central SC, we know that screened porches add value to the way you live at home. Adding an outdoor living space that is open, yet protected from the elements and insects, adds value by increasing your ability to you enjoy the outdoors. When considering the question, “do porches add value to a home?” consider the ways you want to enjoy your porch. Will you and your family find your home more enjoyable with a screened porch? If yes, then it will add value to your home for you. We call that value-added outdoor living.

Can outdoor amenities on screened porches add value to a home?

Would you like to enjoy your screened porch in the “off season?” If you imagine crisp fall evenings on your porch as you’re nestled next to a fire, an outdoor fireplace will add value for you. Outdoor fireplaces not only provide the cozy ambiance you desire, they will give you more hours of porch living each year. Extending the amount of time you use your porch increases your enjoyment of it.

Custom elevated screened porch and deck

Other ways screened porches add value to your home are determined by your choices of building and finish materials. Low-maintenance flooring such as composite decking or ceramic tile will add value. Beautifully finished ceilings with lighting and fans will add value. Adding four-track vinyl windows to your screened porch can add value to your home and increase amount of time you can use your porch throughout the year. Other options like radiant heating or surround sound for your TV will add value to your screened porch and your home. Value-added outdoor living isn’t just about what’s inside your screened porch. Consider adding a deck or patio for grilling and open-air outdoor living in combination with a screened porch!

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