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Screened Porch Days Are Just Around the Corner! Do You Have a Protected Outdoor Space?

Has spring been teasing you this year? Hints of spring now mean we’re in the lead-up to summer, and that means … here come the pesky insects. Have you tried different techniques every year to repel mosquitoes, gnats and other flying pests on your patio or deck? This year, why not treat yourself with the gift of a screened porch? This is a gift your family and friends will enjoy almost year-round – and year after year.

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Archadeck Builds Perfect Protected Outdoor Spaces

Nashville-area homeowners may know us best by our reputation as high-quality deck builders. You’ll be glad to know we specialize in high-quality screened in porches, too! As much as we love decks, when the flying insects of summer come along, a screened porch is the best place to be.

The screened in porch is a protected outdoor space with immense versatility. We can include an outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace in a screened porch design, but the basic screened porch has a lot to offer. In essence, this porch gives you an outdoor room with a roof, which protects you from the sun as well as rain. Many homeowners select an open porch purely for shade as well as cover during the occasional rain shower. The screened porch adds an extra “layer” of protection with screens to give you peace where you formerly swatted at insects.

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While we’re creating a custom screened porch design for you, we can select special types of screening based on your family’s needs. Depending on your porch’s orientation in relation to the sun’s path, you may want screens that block harsh sunlight and UV rays. If you are affected by seasonal allergies, you may want to learn more about screens that filter allergens. At Archadeck, we don’t build one-size-fits all screened porches!

Consider a Variety of Nashville Screened Porch Options

When we work with you to create the perfect screened porch design, we strive for a cohesive design that blends with your home. If you already have a deck or open porch, let’s look at some popular screened porch design options you may want to consider.

  • Deck and screened porch combination

Many of our clients enjoy having both a deck and a screened in porch. These structures work in tandem to give you the best of both worlds. With this combination, you will always have a covered space and an open space. Decks are inviting on delightful spring and fall afternoons when you crave the sun’s warmth. Decks are perfect for stargazing at night. Screened porches offer much-needed shade and protection from insects during the summer months. They also provide the perfect fallback option if you plan a party on the deck only to be met with rain showers.

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If you already have a deck, and you enjoy it, why give it up? One design option is to add a screened in porch to an existing deck. In practical terms that may mean replacing your deck with a screened porch and building a new deck adjacent to it. Most homeowners prefer to have their screened porch next to the house with a deck leading from the porch to the yard.

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  • Deck or open porch conversion to screened in porch

Do you have a deck or open porch that hasn’t seen much use lately? Many families find that their outdoor needs change over time. Your Archadeck of Nashville design consultant can talk with you about the possibility of converting your deck or open porch to a screened in porch. Converting an open porch to a screened porch is usually not difficult. Enclosing a deck with screens and adding a roof is trickier because most decks are not built to support the weight of a porch roof. We can examine your deck’s support structure to determine if a screened in deck is workable there.

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  • Nashville three-season porch

We’re fortunate in Nashville and surrounding communities to have distinct seasons. What that means here, though, is that a certain number of days each year are too cold for enjoying decks and porches. Unless you consider a 3-season porch! If you’re thinking about adding a screened porch, consider the additional protection a 3-season porch can provide. Think of a 3-season porch as a screened porch with windows that you can slide open or closed for comfort. We will still have days that are too cold for even that additional level of protection, it’s true. Nevertheless, a three-season porch gives you more “porch days” per year with the increased functionality you gain from adding windows.

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Why wait? Contact Archadeck of Nashville today to schedule a design consultation for your new screened porch or 3-season porch.