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Archadeck of Nashville Asks – Is Your Current Porch Ugly or Non-functional?

If your family’s use of your back porch has dwindled over the years, that porch is no longer serving you well. At some point, it becomes wasted space – and that space is too valuable to waste! Let’s look at ways to take a porch that’s less than gorgeous, or even non-functional, and turn it back into a space you enjoy using. It’s quite possible this porch will become your favorite room!

nashville patio

Porch update in Nolensville, TN by Archadeck of Nashville.

How do you update a porch?

You may even be wondering, How can I make my porch look good? Chances are, replacing your rug or throw pillows to improve the look of the porch won’t get to the root of the problem. The surest way to update a porch is to re-evaluate why you need a porch. What functions do you need your porch to serve now?

nashville patio

Many homeowners who have an open porch – also called a covered porch – find that what they really need is a screened porch. A screened-in porch offers the fresh-air pleasures you can enjoy on an open porch – with the added benefit of screens. Adding screens to create a protected environment outdoors gives your porch new versatility. You’ll be able to enjoy dining outdoors during mosquito season without harassment by those pesky insects. You can enjoy relaxing on the porch after dinner because the moths and beetles attracted by your porch lights won’t be able to reach you.

Screens can also reduce allergens on your porch as well as debris that typically gets blown around on breezy days. Screens can also reduce the amount of rain entering your porch during light showers. Not only does your porch furniture benefit from that added protection, you can finally enjoy sitting outdoors without getting damp.

nashville patio

Nolensville updated porch interior view.

An added bonus: there are more than a few kinds of screening available. Recommending the best type of screens for your porch is one way Archadeck of Nashville is able to customize your screened porch. Would nano-fiber screens that filter allergens and dust be useful to you? What about screens that allow light in while filtering UV rays – essential if your porch gets glaring sunlight every afternoon! Perhaps you would be most interested in screens that stand up to rambunctious pets or children!

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How do you upgrade a porch?

If you’re wondering, How do I upgrade my porch? … then we have another question for you. Would your porch be more useful if it were converted to a three-season porch? This is a question to ask yourself whether your current porch is already screened in or is simply covered with a roof. A 3-season room adds maximum versatility to an ordinary porch. The greatest benefit is that you can extend your “porch season” by converting your porch to a three-season porch. If you want to enjoy more porch days each year, a 3-season porch is the way to claim them.

nashville patio

Nashville porch update.

This article, Screened Porches vs. 3-Season Rooms, explains many of the details. A three-season room or porch is like a screened porch with something extra. We install a four-track window system that allows you to open up to 75% of the windows at once. You have complete flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of air flowing through your porch at any time. When the weather is perfect for porch-sitting, you can even remove the window panels altogether. When it gets a little colder outside, keep the windows closed to keep the chill out. You’ll be able to enjoy your porch later each fall and earlier each spring. That’s a high-powered Nashville porch upgrade.

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Does a screened in porch increase home value?

If converting your open porch to a screened-in porch turns your porch from a rarely-used space to your favorite room, that’s an increase in value. While your Realtor can’t include a screened porch in your home’s square footage, your awesome porch could be the feature that hooks a prospective home buyer! While it may not increase your asking price, it will increase your home’s desirability on the market.

nashville patio

Have we inspired you today? Whether you’re looking to update your porch or upgrade it for more versatility, Archadeck of Nashville is ready to talk with you about converting your open porch to a screened porch or 3-season room. Let’s return that “ugly” or non-functional porch to glory!

Contact us today to schedule a design consultation for your porch conversion.