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Ready for Spring? Build Your Deck, Porch or Patio this Winter!

Crazy as it may sound, it’s time now to get in touch with Archadeck of Nashville about building the outdoor project you want for spring/summer. We urge you to contact us sooner rather than later. While warm weather seems a long way off, there are many variables that we – and you – cannot control throughout the design-and-build process. Many factors can affect the timing of your project from start to finish.

fire pit and house

What kind of outdoor living projects do you have in mind for 2021? Will you be replacing a deck, adding a patio or converting an open porch to a screened porch? Is this the year you’re going to add the covered patio and outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming about? Is adding an Eze-Breeze porch or sunroom on your to-do list? Is an outdoor fireplace calling your name?

outdoor patio setup

No matter what kind of project(s) you are planning, the biggest mistake you can make is waiting until closer to spring to contact us. A premier outdoor living builder like Archadeck of Nashville has a following, and we always have a backlog of projects. Homeowners who wait until spring to get started will find their project taking longer than those who contact us in January (or December).

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archadeck buildersLook Ahead – Don’t Let Hindsight be Your Guide!

Regardless of your profession or hobbies, you’ve probably been involved with a project where it turned out your team didn’t have enough lead time. Training for a half-marathon? Hindsight is a learning experience when you look back and realize you should have started earlier. You cannot get that time back.

We’re not trying to create a false sense of urgency. When time melts away and your plans are affected, the disappointment is real. Are you hoping to enjoy your new screened porch this spring? When the warm afternoons are calling you to come outdoors, will your new deck and patio combination be ready?

Here is a rule of thumb we recommend: no matter when you think you should contact us about your project, do it earlier. There is no downside to starting too far in advance. As a matter of fact, there may not be such a thing as starting too far in advance!

Anticipating the Unknowns and the Unexpected

Understand that we’ll have some projects already underway when you contact us to start talking about your project. We won’t schedule yours right away, because we have to work through several other steps first. We custom-design every project we build. Sometimes the design process moves along quickly, and sometimes it takes a bit longer. We may go through several design iterations before we finalize the 3-D renderings for your project.

fire pit with seating

Once the design decisions are made, we’ll price the materials needed and give you a quote for your project. With a quote on paper, we can sign a contract. Next, we will make our way through the permitting process with your local building department. With many local government offices affected by COVID-19 these days, permitting can take longer than it used to. If your neighborhood has an HOA, that approval process can take time as well.

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At each step along the way, we may encounter unexpected delays. Will we hit occasional bad weather? Yes, because we build all year long. Material delivery delays? They are to be expected. Without making excuses, we want to be sure you’re aware of the many unpredictable circumstances we can encounter as we work on your project.

outdoor spa and patio

At Archadeck of Nashville, we want the opportunity to work with you on your outdoor living project this year. We also want the process to be as stress-free for you as possible. Do you have a specific date in mind for your project’s completion? Is there a family reunion or other special occasion you’re planning? The only date you can control is the date you first contact us to set up a design consultation. Let’s get that project underway now so you can enjoy the outdoor living season in style.

Contact us today to schedule a design consultation for your perfect deck and patio or porch and patio combination.