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Trending in Nashville: Deluxe Outdoor Living Space Combinations

Looking to add a deluxe outdoor living space at home to rival your favorite resort? Love to entertain outdoors? Want to give the Joneses somebody else to keep up with?


At Archadeck of Nashville, we combine your favorite outdoor living structures in a way that can turn your back yard into a private, relaxing getaway spot. We create the perfect blend of custom deck-and-patio, porch-and-deck or porch-and-patio designs with the amenities you need to entertain in style and comfort. We balance the need for shade with the desire to have an outdoor living space that’s open to the sky.

What is a “combination” outdoor living space?

Nashville-area homeowners have sophisticated tastes when it comes to relaxing and entertaining outdoors. A deck, no matter how elaborate, just doesn’t seem like enough sometimes. A patio is wonderful until a pop-up rain shower appears. A screened porch gives you a roof overhead and keeps the insects at bay, but if it’s your only outdoor structure it can feel confining.


What if you love sunshine AND shade? Homeowners who want the best of all worlds are combining two or more outdoor structures to achieve optimum functionality in their outdoor living spaces. Add ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, radiant infrared heaters—whatever creature comforts you want to enhance the time you spend outdoors.


When you travel, your favorite destination is one that anticipates your every need. Let’s create that at your home! What combination of structures could we custom design for you to create a space outdoors where you have everything you desire within reach? That’s a deluxe outdoor living combination, limited only by your imagination. Love cooking and dining outdoors? We’ll design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Considering an outdoor fireplace or fire pit? We can integrate either of those into your new paver patio and hardscapes design.

When your Nashville porch builder is your patio builder …

When you meet with your Archadeck design consultant, everything is on the table. We’ll go over the possibilities and help you determine what outdoor structures we can combine at your home to meet the full range of your needs. Let’s bring the indoors outdoors!


Our most popular combination designs are covered porches paired with a deck or patio. Covered patios that segue into an open patio are extremely popular, too, especially poolside. And when your screened porch leads to a deck or open patio—or both!—you can enjoy dining outdoors no matter what surprises the weather brings.

Never underestimate the importance of shade

As Americans become increasingly aware of how the sun’s UV rays can damage our skin, we realize having a covered space outdoors is important. If you have a pool, providing shade for swimmers—and for those who enjoy relaxing near the pool—is extremely important, too.


You won’t need to give up your dreams of a glorious, open-to-the-sky patio or deck to gain shade protection. Our custom designs are not “all shade” or “all sun.” The perfect outdoor living space combination pairs sun with shade to cover all the possibilities. Think about nighttime star gazing. Think about those cool, sunny days in the fall or early spring when nothing feels better than sitting outdoors and soaking up the sun. Our deluxe outdoor combination projects can bring both sun and shade to the party.

Nashville Pergolas deliver shade and style


Our love affair with the pergola is not winding down. A pergola stands out as a design element helping to define your outdoor living area, but that’s not all. We can design pergolas specifically to provide shade as well. Not all pergolas cast shade! When we meet with you to discuss what needs your outdoor living space must address, we’ll talk about pergolas and how much shade you need. If we include a patio or porch cover (a roof) in your design, your pergola can be purely ornamental. If a pergola is your only shade structure, however, we need to make sure it will provide the shade you need.

Nashville outdoor kitchens and fire features


For many homeowners, an outdoor kitchen or fire pit is not an afterthought or a “nice to have.” If you love to entertain outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is essential! Our outdoor kitchens can be as simple or as full of features as you would like. Smooth stone countertops for the chef’s workspace? A grill and a smoker side-by-side? Refrigerator, ice maker, warming drawer? Don’t forget a bar area where your guests can enjoy cocktails while watching you prepare their dinner! A covered patio can protect your outdoor kitchen and your big-screen TV. Be sure to devote some open patio space to a gas-burning or wood-burning fire pit for night after night of good times around the fire.

Does the idea of a multifaceted outdoor living space fit the way you want to live outdoors? Let’s do it up right!

Let Archadeck of Nashville design and build that amazing deluxe outdoor space you have always dreamed of. Contact us today to learn more by calling the number shown to the right, or send us an email at

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