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Will 2021 Be Bigger than 2020 for Nashville Outdoor Living Projects?

Which group of Nashville-area homeowners describes you: those who completed outdoor living improvement projects in 2020, or those who plan to do so in 2021? If you are in the second group, you will have plenty of company. We predict it’s going to get crowded in there.

Our advice to homeowners who want to get ahead of the crowd in 2021 is to call Archadeck of Nashville as soon as possible. Don’t wait – especially if you hope to have your outdoor living project(s) completed or in process by summer.

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Industry Report Indicates Pent-up Demand for Outdoor Projects in 2021

You may have heard that 2020 was a big year for outdoor home improvement projects. The pandemic saw many of us spending more time at home last year, which motivated homeowners to improve their outdoor living areas. It makes sense. The more time you spend on your deck, patio or porch, the more important it is to have a comfortable, versatile and attractive outdoor space.

Some of the industry data for 2020 has been surprising. According to a report in ProBuilder magazine, outdoor living projects increased more than any other category of home improvement projects in 2020. It’s not surprising that outdoor projects trended upward as families spent more time at home together. What got our attention was that outdoor projects outpaced the other home improvement categories.

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This ProBuilder article reported on a year-over-year comparison of remodeling trends from 2019 to 2020. The survey looked at categories from outdoor living structures to interior projects like plumbing fixtures, flooring and cabinets. Top categories were outdoor living structures, exterior or interior doors, and outdoor accessories like pergolas, privacy screens, planter boxes and benches, with fireplaces/stoves coming in fourth. Authors of the survey suggest we may see another wave of outdoor living improvements in 2021. Will that wave include you?

What Outdoor Projects Are on Your Agenda for 2021?

At Archadeck of Nashville, we love that one positive gained from the pandemic is a renewed appreciation of spending time with family, especially outdoors. We take pride in being able to improve and enhance outdoor living spaces for Nashville-area homeowners with our custom decks, patios and more.

What kind of project would best enhance your outdoor living space this year? We are seeing increased interest in converting an open porch to a screened porch or 3-season room. Screened porches and 3-season porches add functionality to your outdoor living area by giving you much-needed protection from pesky insects.

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Another outdoor improvement with special appeal right now is the step up from a single deck or patio to a larger deck-and-patio combination. Our clients who have already made this transition have no regrets! A combination outdoor living space offers maximum versatility.

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Hardscapes just keep growing in popularity around the Nashville area, too, especially paver patios with vertical components like outdoor kitchens or seating walls. Archadeck of Nashville is uniquely qualified to design and install these hardscapes. So why not Choose the Patio Builder That Excels at Building Decks, and Vice Versa? We are ready to answer all of your questions about patios and other hardscapes.

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Those Who Hesitate Now Will Face the Longest Wait Times …

Whatever your outdoor project in 2021, we encourage you to move forward as soon as you can to secure a spot on our spring/summer construction schedule. We cannot stress this enough. The better outdoor living contractors, those who are booked the farthest in advance, are going to be extra busy this year. Archadeck of Nashville is one of those premier local companies in the outdoor living arena. If you are contemplating an outdoor remodeling project or addition this year, the time to call us is now. The longer you wait to get started, the farther out your completion date will be.

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Why wait? Contact us today to schedule a design consultation for your porch conversion.