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At Archadeck of Nashville, Our Process Isn’t Just One Reason to Work with Us, It’s Many Reasons

Are you ready to get an “estimate” on building the new deck, porch or patio you want? When you work with Archadeck, our process includes a firm quote, a written contract and high-quality workmanship backed with unequaled warranties. This is a value proposition you will not see anywhere else in outdoor living construction. What other builder can make these promises – and deliver consistently? In addition, Archadeck has a payment program that can help you start your outdoor living project sooner than you thought possible. Why wait to get started?

Archadeck’s Process Delivers Value

Archadeck Partners with TimberTech for Amazing Warranties

Back in January we announced that Archadeck is partnering with TimberTech/AZEK to bring you the best materials, best workmanship and best warranties. This enhanced warranty is automatically yours if you choose Archadeck to design and build your outdoor living space and you choose TimberTech/AZEK low-maintenance decking materials.

If you’ve researched composite deck warranties, you know TimberTech/AZEK offers the best manufacturer’s warranties in the business. These are the warranties that specifically cover the decking products. Now, Archadeck is matching those warranties to cover labor, too. If you have a problem with TimberTech/AZEK materials and it’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you won’t have to pay for Archadeck’s labor on related repairs. Depending on which TimberTech/AZEK product you select, your materials and labor warranty will run for 25 years, 30 years, or lifetime. Who can beat that?

Archadeck’s Process Delivers Value

Archadeck has two other warranties you need to know about as well. While they are not new, they are just as important. We offer a 1-year warranty on workmanship and a 5-year warranty on your project’s structural integrity when Archadeck exerts control as your remodeling contractor. These warranties reflect our professionalism and help us stand out from the pack.

Archadeck Partners with EnerBank for Flexible Financing Options

Archadeck’s Process Delivers Value

At Archadeck of Nashville, we know how much you want to add that new deck to your home. Are you thinking of a new deck and screened porch combination, or a new paver patio with an outdoor kitchen for dining and entertaining outdoors? Sometimes, timing is everything. Are you trying to decide if you should use financing to move forward with your project, or keep waiting until you have the cash in hand? This blog post about 5 Great Reasons to Consider Financing Your Outdoor Renovation Project will give you some helpful information. It may shift your perspective about the concept of financing the new porch or deck you’ve been wanting. Archadeck’s Buy & Build Payment Program may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Archadeck Believes in Transparency, Demonstrated By our Contract

At the top we mentioned that we give an exact quote, not an estimate, when we work up a project design for a prospective client. Estimates can be shifty and evasive. Have you ever worked with a contractor who gave you an estimate but the actual cost of the job kept changing? At Archadeck of Nashville, we don’t do business that way. We won’t build your outdoor living project based on a conversation and some back-of-the-napkin sketches. We firmly believe in using a written contract.

Our contract will include your project’s specifications in addition to our firm quote for the job. Everything is in writing. As the job proceeds, if you want to make changes, we will document those in an addendum to the contract.

Archadeck’s Process Delivers Value

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You get something else with Archadeck’s contract – a firm completion guarantee. Backed by the National Guarantee Corporation, this guarantee assures that your project will be completed according to the terms of the contract no matter what. If anything were to happen to Archadeck of Nashville, Archadeck headquarters would assign another Archadeck location to complete your project. Of course, we aren’t planning to go anywhere. But still, if we were to go out of business before completing your project, the Archadeck system would make sure your contract was fulfilled.

Archadeck of Nashville Puts Your Project Retainer to Work for You

You may be wondering how we can provide you with an exact quote for your project before you even sign a contract. Our design process is very thorough, starting with our initial complimentary design consultation. This consultation is only the beginning. Based on the initial conversation, you’ll get a good feeling for what it’s like to work with us. At that point, you can decide whether you want to proceed to the next step, actually designing the project. We do require a project retainer in order to continue.

Archadeck’s Process Delivers Value

Our full design process includes 3-D renderings created by draftsmen at Archadeck headquarters in Richmond, VA. We also have access to technical assistance from architects and engineers, if needed. The resources we put into each deck design or porch and patio design necessitate a retainer.

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At Archadeck, We Offer the Convenience of Virtual Consultations

We turned whole-heartedly to virtual consultations more than a year ago as Covid-19 affected our world. What we learned was how convenient and easy virtual consultations can be. Our clients have liked, very much, the option to meet with us virtually using technology like Zoom or Facetime. Virtual consultations are low touch and high value for all parties. Now that we have learned to use technology for virtual meetings, we will carry this feature into our post-pandemic future. We invite you to experience our virtual design consultation, too!

Archadeck’s Process Delivers Value

Do you dream of creating an outdoor escape at your home? Why wait? Contact Archadeck of Nashville today to schedule a design consultation for your new porch, patio or outdoor kitchen.