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5 Great Reasons to Consider Financing Your Outdoor Renovation Project

Why hold off on having the deck, screened porch, or patio of your dreams? When you look at the next five years, will you see yourself enjoying the new outdoor living space you’ve been wanting? Or will you see yourself postponing enjoyment, waiting until you can do it without financing … someday?

If you feel you should postpone adding a new outdoor living space until you have the cash in hand to pay for it, you’re not alone. Many homeowners share your reluctance to use financing. Ask yourself this, though: what are you really postponing?

If you need a reason to give yourself permission to consider financing your project, Archadeck of Nashville has 5 of them for you

1. Have it ready when you want it!

If you want to enjoy your new custom deck next spring, that doesn’t mean you should contact us for a quote next spring. By the time spring rolls around, we’re building decks and screened porches for folks who contacted us in the fall and winter. Spring is our busiest season. Every reputable builder will have other jobs on the books. That means there will be lead time before we can start a new project – especially in the spring.

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When you see the holidays looming ahead, parked firmly between you and spring, you may think your outdoor living project will just have to wait. Again. Maybe not! Financing will allow you to have that new screened porch or deck-and patio-combination built on a timetable that works for you.

2. Leave your investments where they earn the most.

Use the lending company’s money while your well-invested funds reap stronger returns. Our financing partner, GreenSky, currently offers financing with no interest if you pay in full within 12 months. You would actually save money compared to common alternatives like cashing out investments or using a home equity loan.

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3. Make the most of today’s celebrations and milestones.

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Holidays. Birthdays. Graduations. Weddings. The big occasions your family celebrates together will be even more special in that new covered patio or patio-and-porch combination you’ve dreamed of. Financing will allow you to plan ahead so you get your project designed and built with time to spare.

4. Make the most of everyday good times with family and friends.

Are you approaching the last of couple years the kids will be living at home? The arrival of your first grandkids? What better time to go ahead and add that outdoor living space you can all enjoy it together? The years are slipping away all too quickly. Financing your project can mean you don’t have to wait years to build it.

family enjoying their backyard

5. Treat yourself!

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Don’t make yourself wait any longer for that sunroom or 3-season room you’ve been dreaming of. You deserve an outdoor room where you can relax and enjoy just being there. Would a financing option make that a reality for you? Archadeck of Nashville can custom design and build the perfect outdoor room for your needs when you are ready.

Why has Archadeck partnered with GreenSky for financing your project?

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GreenSky offers a financing option that could be the solution you need. They currently offer financing with no interest if you pay in full within 12 months. With a plan like this, your project may suddenly be within reach sooner than you imagined.

Let Archadeck of Nashville design and build that amazing outdoor project you’ve been putting off. Call (615) 640-3628 today!

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