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Why Build a Deck and Patio Vs. a Deck or Patio?

A Metro Denver deck and patio combination offers myriad benefits that surpass the advantages of having just a deck or a patio alone.

There is no doubting the perks of having a custom Metro Denver deck or patio. Many Archadeck clients are realizing the various advantages of having a deck with an accompanying patio. Building an outdoor combination space that includes both structures not only enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of an outdoor space but also provides greater versatility. Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills is here to help you understand why our clients often prefer two outdoor spaces versus only one.

Denver area deck and patio by Archadeck Metro Denver deck design by Archadeck

Metro Denver Decks and Patios Make Beautiful Combos

A Metro Denver deck and patio combination significantly boosts the aesthetic value of a property. The contrasting (or complementary) materials and levels can create a visually stunning outcome. Composite decking materials can provide a warm, natural look that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and an accompanying paver patio. Together, they can create a cohesive and dynamic outdoor space that improves not only the surrounding landscape, but the home itself. A Denver deck and patio combination allows homeowners to explore creative design options, incorporating an array of textures, colors, and layouts that enhance the overall visual appeal.

Why build a deck and patio? Metro Denver deck and patio outdoor combination by Archadeck

Metro Denver Patios and Decks Boost Function

Functionality is another major advantage of a Metro Denver deck and patio combination. Each element serves distinct purposes, making the outdoor space more versatile. Elevated decks provide an excellent vantage point for enjoying scenic views. A ground-level patio offers a flexible outdoor living space, which can be staged for any number of activities – or non-activities, providing a space of private respite. This multi-level approach allows for better organization of outdoor areas. For instance, the deck can be used for dining and lounging, equipped with comfortable seating and dining tables, while the patio can host a grilling area, fire pit, or other amenities, such as a hot tub. This separation of spaces creates designated zones for different activities, enhancing the overall usability of the outdoor area.

deck and patio builders near me Denver Metro Second-story deck and ground-level patio with fire pit and game table

A deck and patio combination space lends itself to outdoor enjoyment in diverse weather conditions. Elevated decks capture cooling breezes, making them ideal for hot summer days. Patios can remain cooler as they are situated closer to the ground, and often provide a covered space by way of the deck above, or the addition of a patio cover. This paired outdoor design can allow homeowners and their guests to stay outside longer and more comfortably throughout the year.

Decks and Patios in Denver Could Increase Home Values

From a value-added perspective, a Denver area deck and patio combination can increase the resale value of a home. Potential buyers are often drawn to a well-appointed outdoor living space, deeming it an extension of the indoor living area. The versatility and enhanced aesthetic appeal of a combined deck and patio can make a property more attractive, potentially leading to a higher market value and quicker sale.

Metro Denver deck and patio builders near you Composite deck and patio in Arvada CO by Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills

Both decks and patios have their individual merits, but combining the two creates a superior outdoor living space. The aesthetic distinction, functional flexibility, and adaptability to different weather conditions could make a deck and patio combination a worthwhile investment for you. This type of outdoor combination space not only enriches the living experiences of homeowners, but could also add substantial value to their homes.

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